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What was the first n last tune you saw from..


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Phish~~1st song ever:12-13-92,Le Spectrum.MTL. "Buried Alive"->"Wilson" total insanity,lots of phriends of the band at the venue.Still looking for copies!!!

~~Last song:Blossom CTR.9-18-00. 'Yoga Falls.OH.enc: "Axilla"->"Taste",unusual but what a show!,what a summer:)

DEAD~~1st song ever:7-16-90.Buffalo."Hell in a Bucket". I must have gotten this opener 30 times in my life!! NICE PINK GUITAR,BOBBY!

~~Last song ever:6-30-95.Old 3 Rivers Stad.PITT.enc: "Gloria".Rusted Root was a killer opener.


Im gonna take a bath with my toaster now....

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(Apparently, I should have added dates)


1st: Chalkdust Torture 08-16-96

Last: Squirming Coil 07-06-00 (yup, TO was the last one I saw. I had the shittiest job of my life at that time.)


1st: Feel Like A Stranger 03-22-90

Last: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 06-28-95(and still, one of the BEST display of lights I have ever seen)

Nice first GD show there Puddles, I love that one. 30 Buckets? I'll take half that any day.......Dont forget Bobby's 'painted-on denim shorts'..............

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first - Feel Like a Stranger (3.22.90 hamilton)

last - Liberty (3.29.93 Albany)

(I had tix for several 1994 Summer shows but ended up going out to BC to "find myself" instead)


first - AC/DC Bag (12.7.95 Niagara Falls - I got in late due to the line-up outside)

last - Harry Hood (9.9.00 Albany)

The New Deal [big Grin] :

first - Jam (2.12.00 Hamilton)

last - Jam (6.13.02 T-dot)

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Happy Thoughts:

First Experience with "IT":

Ghost> Wilson 12.5.97 Cleveland OH

The first show was a little shaky. I wasn't really sure how to move or what to think.

Teary Eyed Goodbye:

Sleeping Monkey> Tweezer Reprise 9.23.00 Chicago Ill.

The WORST sounding venue I have ever been in. Stay away from the Rosemont :-(

First Dead related:

New Minglewood Blues 7.5.98 The Other Ones @ Darien.

Not exactly special, but I did get my Tennesee Jed that night.

Last song:

Brokedown Palace 11.13.01 PLQ

Again not the Dead, but man oh man does this lineup make some of those 94-95 shows just depressing. Long live Phil!


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Again not the Dead, but man oh man does this lineup make some of those 94-95 shows just depressing. Long live Phil!

i've seen phil numerous times as well as ratdog, and gonna be seeing the reunion in a few weeks.

I'd trade it ALL for one of those "poor" 94-95 shows. I'd trade ANY show i've been to except Big Cypress for ANY 94-95 show. For those of us who weren't blessed enough to see the boys, hearing the BEST phil show ever doesn't compare to the WORST dead show ever.

I wouldn't care if Jerry remembered a single word in a single song. just to catch a glimpse of his shining smile would make the rest of my life a lot brighter.

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OK one of my first posts...couldn't help it...this is a cool topic.


Grateful Dead

1st - 07-16-90 - Hell in a Bucket

I'm so glad I got to see Brent once before he died!

Last - 06-28-95 - Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

I really wish I would've gone to see the Chicago run like I was planning, but such is life...


1st - 10-28-95 - AC/DC Bag

Fun song for a first...notice the date of my last Dead show and this show? Hmmm wonder why?? I wish I had checked out Phish prior to Jerry's death, but a guys only got so much money!

Last - 09-18-00 - Axilla -> Taste

Glad I went to this one...great venue and a good show...

I guess I really need to get some of these shows on CD!


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my phish first and last are the same as second tube.

i know moe.ron's first was sugar bush 94?95?

and last was darien 2000, and her first tune was Sample and so was her last .. I thought that was a little bit of a wacky coincidence, after like 40 shows- right before a hiatus.. she hates when i talk about that. [Wink]

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Dead - 1st - same as MarcO - Hamilton 90'

last - Box of Rain - Soldier Field 95' followed by fireworks.

Phish - Chalkdust - Concert Hall, TDot - I forget the date

last - Vancouver BC - I forget the song, too much rasta pasta that night.

1st Def Leppard: Photograph 1984

last: Rock of Ages 1985

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First: My Friend, My Friend 10/19/96 Buffalo

Last: Sample 9/14/00 Darien Lake

Anyone else here go to 10/19/96 at Marine Midland Arena? Oh what a night.

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Ya know what? I never got around to ask someone about the 2000 TO. Phish show!!! I was at the PEARLY for 10 months at the time sweating and kicking out a pretty bad Smack habit...ahhhhh...anyway I never listened to the show and obviously alot of you pholk went...nice lights like 99?,good sound?,were you HOSED by the band!!?? Funk-Factor??....tramps??...lemme know,I hear there are some nice split F.O.Bs Neumanns out there certified dank...lemme know....peace

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