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Nero at the Dekcuf last night


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Set 1

Holetown Charlie>

Gordon's Revenge>

Dr Who

Tontos Underwater Paradise>



Do Ya Think I'm Sexy Tease>


El Vezz

Set 2


Whispy Mountain Wonder

Choclate Monkey Machine

Miko Mard>Do Ya Think I'm Sexy>Miko Mard

Dave steps up, straps on the brown-eyed Bad Boy and off we go! Holetown said to me that this was going to be a very different night, sort of the opposite of the CoZone gig. Where that show had energy, this one seemed to be ambient? If that is the proper adjective here, I am sorry, it doesnt seem to tell the proper story. I dont know how to describe it right now.

There was a different flame lit and Dave was going OFF at the end of Holetown. He got some loops/feedback going, put down the Bad Boy and picked up his 'normal' G&L. Yoda would have said "Very well segued, this was." All those words I had about Ottawa shows were quickly put to rest and the smiles filled the room. Nero was here to play.

The transisition into Dr Who was nice as well. Caught me by surprise. The playing was stellar up to this point and got better as the night went on. Sadly, no taping of this one and I REALLY wish I could re-hear it some day, just to see, "ya know wha-I'm say'in?"

Another big surprise came in the smoking Flurmy, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Why, yes I do boys. This was supposed to be a Trailer Park night, but obviously, the boys wanted it to be a Pimp Daddy night. Flurmy came back in a TORE into El Vezz. Possibly the best one I have ever heard. As Giggles has said in the past "FEAR El Vezz"

Set break was our typical jaunt to the patio for smokes and such. This was a really quick break and the boys started off with another scorcher, Effervescence, which is fast becoming a faovrite of mine. Shane RULED the roost on this one and I was damn impressed with the launching pad/landing points he gave Lauzon. Barrett and I were discussing the possibilty of Shane winning the 'Man Of The Match' He truly owned this version, even though Lauzon was tearing it to shreads.

Into Whispy and we are all grooving deeply. Lots of fun dancing in here. Hood forced the Sloth up and we all smiled, hugged and wished the night wouldnt end. Thank God for Friday night.

Ok, the intro to Chocolate Monkey Machine was the BEST I have heard (I know, I am saying that alot, but I mean what I say. If you dont hold my opinion, fine) Dave was using a toy I didnt know he owned. Well, maybe not a toy, but a sound. He had that Garcia '77 Dancing In The Streets thing going. Seriously. Absolutely PERFECT for the intro. I only hope I get to hear that toy again from him, he has it down. DoubleB was sitting up in the booth, eyes closed with possibly the biggest smile he has ever held. We all giggled and pointed. It was rich. There is only one reason for that smile and it was the CMM. A looooooong and groovy version, very well done. Did anyone time it? Am I the only one that thought this was a long version? Who you calling a psycho?

Miko Mard went into Do Ya Think I'm Sexy and back into Miko Mard. I was pretty spent at this point, and I am having trouble recalling the MM. I do remember that the DYTIS tease was far more pronounced than in the first set. "Dont ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies"

I wish Phil was there last night. He would have gotten up, did his speech and introduced the band. If he felt the way Davey-Boy and I had earlier, he would have introduced Shane last, giving him the nod as "The Man Of The Match"

Tough call though...............but I certainly was gripped by Shane's exploratory bass lines many times last night.

(Editor's note: I dont know if that is what Phil does when he intro's the band or not, but it sure does seem that the last member of the Quintet he introduces at the end of a show, is the one that he felt had a big night.)

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