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BnP anything off my list(2shows max) for Sanc


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Originally posted by puddles:

I am off for 2 weeks and have 300 blank Mitsuis.laughinsun@hotmail.com

dont be shy,just make sure you know the B&P rules.happy spins,pudds.

Thanks for the offer; I'll do a thorough scan of your list tomorrow and see if there's anything I'm aching for. Any recommendations?

One tip, though (to everybody, really): when you include a URL in the body of a message, don't end it in any punctuation. If you end a sentence with a URL and put a "." right after it, UBB interprets the "." as part of the URL, so you get:


which doesn't work, instead of:


which does. I used to make this mistake with URLs, too.



P.S. When composing a posting (composting?) with a URL in it, I hit "Preview Post" and then click on the URL, just to make sure I got it right. It's also a good way to see if your UBB codes are set up right for quotes, italics, etc.

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