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RAted one of the best music festivals in the world by ACOUSTIC GUITAR MAGAZINE.

IT's happening this weekend.

anyone going? HILLSIDE

Performers im looking forward to......


Kid Koala w/ Bullfrog



House of Velvet

Michele Shocked

They have a bunch of workshops as well

Digeridoo lessons

tye dye

drum circles

guitar repair


Cant Wait!


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My problem when I attend a show is deciding whether I am going to attempt to document some or all of a show for the web site or the magazine, versus just letting loose and getting down without thinking of reporting on anything.

For Hillside, it will probably be more of an enjoy it type of event, as I'll be there with my family and lots of old friends. However, I will probably bring a camera to take some pics and I definitely want to talk with a few band members and spread the word about the web site and magazine. But at this event, whatever happens in the way of reporting will be very loose and spontaneous.

I haven't had my necessary quota of morning coffee so I hope that the above makes some sense.

Peace, Mark

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