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Jazz Nugget!!!


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Nugget Productions Presents

Nick Ali & CRUZAO

with special guest Homestyle

Friday July 26

Babylon Night Club

317 Bank St. Ottawa, ON

Winner of the coveted 2001 Montreal Jazz Festival's "Grand Prix du Jazz" Award

Winner of the 2001 CBC Galaxie "Rising Star" Award

1st Runner-up at the National Jazz Awards for "Electric Jazz Group Of The Year"

Nick Ali - winner of the National Jazz Award for "Jazz Composer Of The Year"


Led by young Trinidadian born, New York trained trumpet player Nick "The Brownman" Ali, who himself has just under 100 CD recording credits as a side man to his name, this hard hitting latin-jazz unit funkifies it's audiences with Brownman's original latin-funk compositions and high-energy virtuositic jazz soloists. The amalgamation of authentic latin rhythm, jazz harmony and modern funk groove, this group began it's career as a musical experiment for Brownman in the tonal qualities of latin music composed in a chordless setting (no piano, no guitar). Since the late '50s jazz musicians have richly explored this unique musical texture creating a 5 decade chordless jazz tradition, however this texture had never been explored in Latin America, due to the dominance and omni-presence of the piano "montuno" or equivalent guitar structures.

The result of this musical experiment -

Nick Ali & CRUZAO

- the first chordless latin-jazz-funk unit in history -

CRUZAO is modeled in that jazz tradition of 'the chordless quintet', and takes the same approach in a latin-jazz context.

Featuring the Ali Brothers - Nick "The Brownman" and Marcus Ali - and dedicated to the amalgamation of latin rhythm, jazz harmony and funk groove, .CRUZAO explores the inner workings of these artforms through Brownman's original compositions, intense *improvisation-interaction and raw energy.


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