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Ferris and Funk Nugget!!


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Nugget Productions Presents

Threat From Outer Space

with special guests Ferriswheeler

Saturday July 27

The Bayou

1071 Bank St. Ottawa, ON

TFOS.... A Hipstar band

Funk and Dub elements, carried by a Hip-Hop flare, the combination of drums, electric and upright basses, electric guitar, synthesizers, trumpet, saxophone, and vocals creates a live show that is mesmerizing and entertaining

Come early.... don't miss the ever evolving sounds of Ferriswheeler


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A quick update on the status of Ferriswheeler...

In case you haven't heard, we have replaced the female vocals with the stylings of Ottawa's saxophone jedi Al Jee. We've ditched 90% of our old material (with the remaining 10% becoming instrumental jams) and are concentrating on new originals.

It's a full-on funk/jazz/jam/groove thing!

And we've even started to add some vocals...

Come check us out, should be a fun night.

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I'm trying to remember, dave-O, does Al Jee play just alto, does he play others (i.e., is he heterosaxual, so to speak...)?

I ask because, well, I find a whole night of just (one) alto sax to be a bit too much (a little on the tinny side); mixing it up with, say, a tenor and and maybe a soprano would, I think, add a bit of variety and make it more enjoyable.



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