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OK, i had to repost this again. Please take my word for it and check it out. You Dead freaks will be in heaven if you're into SHN.....

if you're not familiar with usenet, here is your quick and dirty tutorial. The newsgroups (usenet) is where almost ALL the newest and best Dead seeds come from, rare shns of bands not normally seen on etree and the like. you can get downloads going as fast as 300KB/sec (more?) and EVERYONE can be downloading the show at once. So basically you can post a show once, and literally hundreds can download a blazing speeds. Retention for a show is about 2-3 days depending on your service. I know some of you know about the good ole newsgroups, but for those who don't, get on it!!!

1) go to http://www.forteinc.com/agent/download.php and download Agent of FreeAgent.

2)click this and install the tutorial for agent. its easy and will tell you how to set it up, login to newsgroups, and download files: http://www.smr-usenet.com/files/agent.chm

3) subscribe to the following groups and download mass amounts of kick-ass shns!! people under the cap, be aware, this IS highly addicting. here are some recomended groups:



alt.binaries.gdead.d (discussion and posting schedule)








Oh, here is another good resource: http://gdeadfaq.ctree.org/

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