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I need help


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Okay, my computer is the most hated member of my family. It currently takes me about 15 minutes to send an email and about 20 to get on the sanctuary, never mind reading/posting anything. I'm a computer (and more) idiot, but I know I have a pentium and sympatico high speed. It crashes every 2 or 3 minutes (notice the lack of nerologs lately?) and it's just making my job almost impossible. What I need is somebody to come over and make it start over. Here's the rub - Don't post here, call me (230-0687) 'cuz I can't get here too often, and (I don't want to sound rude, but) please don't contact me unless you can give me a day and a time to do this. I say this because somebody offers to fix my computer at least once a week ("Yeah, no problem, call me sometime next week") and it's never come through (yes, I call people next week), so I really don't take offers seriously anymore.

Anyway, if you will help, give me a call, there's free drinks and smokes all night for my helper while we do it.

Thanks, hope this posts...

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