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RAVE act -new info-


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This is a thread from a different message board:

Author: rain

Date: 7/25/2002 9:36 am EDT

~*Taken from another message board...*~

According to the national wire (an acredited service that allows all news agencies to share information between different stations, regions, and markets) service a federal court dismissed the idea of passing the law, and legally introducing the bill. The anti rave act will "NOT" happen. Federal judges say the reason for throwing the bill out is because it intrudes upon american freedom, and there is no viable justification to lower the standards of our nation to intrussive, corrupted, and illegal: property forfeitures, "no knock" searches, extended wiretap authority, and destruction of financial privacy...and these are just a few. This same judge is quoted as saying "this law would only defines all efforts in our nations war on drugs to be a complete failure, and proves our government to be completely inept, and if that's the case how can we expect our nation to fight a war on terrorism?"

In conclusion, the rave act will not happen our culture, and scene is safe.


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Author: MsBecky

Date: 7/25/2002 12:42 am EDT

I have tried in vain to verify this information. The only thing I found was the purplplanet messageboard posting. If anyone can verify this judicial opinion, please inform me.

Until this information is verified I will not believe that the Rave Act will not be enacted.

Hate to be a naysayer but, better safe than sorry.



Author: rain

Date: 7/25/2002 4:21 pm EDT

Right, I can understand your skepticism [smile]

quoted from the message board:

this information was taken off of my wire at work. My source unfortunately nobody else gets to see because of the business I am in. I work for a television news station, and we are privelidged to a whole more than you are told. I promise you that everything in my original post is true.


I hope it is verified soon!

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