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Bell Nexxia woes


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Here is the official Service Provider say on the subject of all my websites being down 3/4 of the day... *rickin fricken racken, all sitesinonebasket crackin..."*


July 31st Backbone outage.

Wednesday July 31st RipNET encountered a service outage

on our backbone from Bell Nexxia.

You would have had "Page not found" errors or "unable to

locate server" errors because of this.

Bell has not confirmed what caused the problem yet but we

are told it is most likely an ATM card in the router.

You may also get message delayed errors as the mail

server would have had to spool the mail messages until the

messages could be delivered with the internet open.

In order to stop this from happening again we have

ordered the following services:

On August 16th our single 10Mb connection will be

converted to dual "Redundant" 100Mb connections to a PoP

(Point of presence) in Montreal at this pop we will have

connections not only to Bell Nexxia but also to Pier 1

(not the shopping store with unique gifts but the fiber

division of Shaw Cable) and Group Telecom with Sprint and

AT&T to be added soon.

This connection will be setup on individual routes on

different routers so that if any one goes down it will not

effect the other.

We will also be using BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) that

allows us to increase the performance on the internet

gateways and how the traffic is routed greatly increasing

the performance and stability of the over all network.

This will also create the best performing and most

redundant solution by any ISP in the Leeds and Grenville


As a short term fix for emergencies just in case this

happens again before the 16th of August we have a Half

speed backup connection setup to manually over ride the

current connection if it goes down.

All of the equipment will be in house and all we will need

to do is an over ride to make the change. It will be

slower but it will work for a stop gap.

All mail services and local websites and all local

services were working , it was just anything going in or

out to the outside world that could not work.

This is only the 5th time this has happened since we

started RipNET in 1995 and only the 3rd time with any

extended period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused

and we are rectifying the problem with a full solution not

just with a Band-Aid.

Thank you.


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ha ha

even the name of the page "The fistfucking Sanctuary"


... we will have licks not only to Bell "Suck my tits dry" Nexxia but also to Pier 1

(not the balling shopping store with unique titty fucks but the titty fucking fiber

division of Shaw "Fuckface" Cable)

...We will also be using BGP (Border "Sniff-my-Ass" Gateway Protocol) that

fistfucks us to increase the charvering performance on the cocksucking internet


good call weezy! ha ha

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