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Q of the D (01 Aug 2002)


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I need a new car. Okay, maybe not a "new" new car, but something other than the current one.

1) What kind of car do you drive?

2) Of all the cars you've driven, which one did you like the most? Hate the most?

3) If you could have any make and model of car, which one would you choose?

My contribution:

1) 1990 Honda Civic

2) I haven't really driven anything other than the Civic, but of the cars I've been in, I'd have to say that I really dislike the Ford Tempo. I find the Hyundai Accent uncomfortable. As for cars I *like* ... well ... for the most part, when I'm a passenger, I don't usually care. The 1969 Pontiac Bonneville hearse has a nice ride, but no giddy-up. Too hot in the summer, as well.

The Mercenary's Aztec is just plain ugly. Roomy, but ugly. Butt ugly.

3) Hmmm ... any car ... hmm ... Mercedes convertable coupes are nice.

Does a Centurian tank count as a car? I'm reasonably certain that a DC-3 doesn't.

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1) 2001 Honda Civic.

2) Love my father in-law's Tahoe. SUV type thing. Hated my Dodge Shadow. It never started, but I think that was this car in particular, not the make/model.

3) Big sports car nut.

Lambourghini *anything*


Porsche 911


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I have a 90' Jetta just like this one:


Jetta Garcia

The day after I bought her, I drove to Chicago and saw the last 2 Jerry performances ever. She made it there (from TDot) on ONE tank of gas ($25 CDN) - I was damn impressed.. (D. Grant, you out there? remember dat?) That was aboot 7 years ago - since then, I have tortured the shizznit out of her, driving logging roads every spring (treeplanting) and across the country 4 times.

The only thing that has cost me some moola is the GD exhaust system which has been replaced several times (b/c of logging roads) - other than that, she's been phantastic.

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1. Nissan Micra (my friends actually PICKED IT UP and moved it on me....all the time! Piece of shit car...I've got a piece of shit car! )

2. 96 Honda Prelude. She was my baby. I smashed her up good though and lost her [Frown] She was incredible though. I loved her...*sniff, sniff*

3. 95 Honda Prelude!!! I tried to replace my first born! She wasn't as good though...but probably mostly my fault since I was broke and couldn't afford to fix her (other than some duct tape and drip trays!!!) Hondas are wonderful. They're expensive to fix (as are all imports), but they are well built and are a great ride.

4. Chevy Lumina. F#@*ing engine. That's all I have to say.

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1. '91 infiniti g20

2. i love my Infiniti. still drives like a champ, and i've been in numerous accidents. numerous. i hated my volvo 240. i mean, i liked it cause it was my first car and all, and there are memories attached and all that sappy stuff, but it was a tank and i felt like i couldnt maneuver it right. obviously i couldnt, because i totaled it.

3. dream car = 1967 gto convertible. white.

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