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Eminem wins wins wins again


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CHRIS PURDY: It's said rock and roll musicians only need to be able to count up to four. But music buffs can put baseball fans to shame when it comes to stats. Just ask a buff how many miles an average deadhead traveled in the summer of 1980, or how many times Joe Cocker has fallen off the stage. And you know, there's a 96 to one chance they'll be able

to tell you. Well, just about the only thing that's unmeasurable in rock is ego, surprisingly. But not for long. Evidently at MTV, they've begun the quantification with hip-hop. They're counting references in four categories. This is ego references, now.

Are you ready?

Category one, self-referential lyrics.

Category two, boasts of sexual prowess.

Three, references to alter egos.

And finally four, lyrics about persecution or paranoia.

Well you'd think the results would be, you know, evenly split, but not so. The winner in three out of four categories, some of you may not be surprised at this, the winner is Eminem. In category one, self-referential lyrics. In a single single, Marshall talks about me, myself and I, 67 times. He also makes two references to alter egos, tying him with LL Cool J. And he beat out everyone in claims of persecution. But you know what? He doesn't kiss and tell. Go figure. He never once boasted of his sexual prowess. P Diddy won that one. Okay, enough.

(Side note: An average Deadhead travelled over 300 miles in the summer of 1980 to see the Dead. I would have travelled 2475)

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