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favourite shows so far this year ...

mark tonin

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... we're 7 months through the year and here are 3 of my favourites so far:

nero in Toronto at the Comfort Zone for the Phil Lesh afterparty show ... I enjoyed this more than the Phil show ... the band was cooking and everyone there was on a high from the Phil show

Trey at Darien Lake ... great show, loads of fun, it was a blast sharing this show with great friends and lots of friendly Canadians

Jukejoint at the May festival at Frontier Town ... these guys are the shit! I loved watching the expression on people's faces as they were repeatedly blown away.

There are many more memorable shows, including GTB, JSB and Friends of Hefner from the May Fest at Frontier Town, and Jomomma/JSB at the Comfort Zone, but the above rank as my 3 personal favourites so far.

What do you think?

Peace, Mark

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hmm, tough call Mark. I havn't been to nearly as many shows as you guys but im still having a hard time deciding..

Phil in Bozeman, simply b/c it was my first time seeing Phil and his buddies in any setting.

Mule in Seattle. Made me a fan instantly! small venue, spur of the moment trip. good times.

hmm, this pick is tough. im gonna have to go w/ Spearhead from the recent Calgary Folk Fest. Not so much b/c of the music (though i did enjoy that as well), but b/c Calgary turns out to be a place with lots of cool people who aren't afraid to try new music...this is good!

honorable mention goes to the Nero show in Canmore, and the Antibalas show during jazz fest.

Ha, actually, thats most of the shows ive seen this year!

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Trey in Burlington

Nero at the CoZone

Phil droppin' bombs all over Darian

Downtime/DaysOfYou tearing apart Babylon

Honorable mentions: Drive By Leslie at CTMF, Nero Scherzo and the Mike&Jeff set followed by Caution Jam @ the CoZone.

I am pretty sure I am forgetting something here, so please, help this old man get on......

(Hehehehe, Solar said Phil and his buddies. Dude, I am DYING to see the Mule. I have had 4 REALLY good chances over the past 7 years, and for whatever stupid reason, I skipped each one)

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Man....KIMOCK @ Smilefest in early JUNE!!!!!!! The weather was perfect,my tent stayed up and I wasnst burnt out from the 16 hour drive. GO!!... Vasar,Bela & Kimock all on the stage on the last day creating the best "Ina Silent Way" cover I have ever heard. Those who have seen Kimock know! He is the best guitsrist in the world today IMHO,strong praise but true. Jerry did say that Kimock was the best electronic guitarist of his time!!!!

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1.Steve Kimock Band/Derek Trucks Band-

1/26 Worcester,Ma.

A great DBL bill in Wooostah!

2. SCI- 2/18-19 Lahaina, Hi

Cheese in Maui, what more needs to be

said. Keller showed up too.

3.Robert Randolph and His Family Band. 3/29


A must see!Get ready to do the March [smile]

4.Smilefest- 6/8-10. Union Grove, NC

A wonderful event. Kellers workshop, Barefoot Manner, Bela and Edgar Meyer classical set, Sam Bush Band were all standouts.

5.Trey Anastasio- 6/15 Essex Junction,Vt

Phun to see Trey tearing it up again. Made me

miss Phish [Frown]

6.moe./Phil Lesh and Friends/Nero- 7/9 Toronto,On

A fine day of music [smile]

7.Bruce Hornsby- 7/27 Hyannis,Ma

Had a 12 year old come out of the audience who'd recently played The Way It Is at his 1st piano rectial. This kid tore it up on piano, Bruce jumped on accordian. The place went nuts. A great moment!

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I just realised I've seen many great shows already this year. My favourites are:

1. Deep Banana Blackout - Cajun Queen Riverboat, New Orleans. Nothing like groovin' to some of the deepest funk around while cruising down the Muddy Mississippi.

2. Blood, Sweat & Tears - Casino Rama. There's not many original players left in the band, but they still have David Clayton-Thomas and they still have one awesome horn section.

3. Galactic - Saenger Theatre, New Orleans. They brought out burlesque dancers during their set and kept the funk going into the wee hours of the morning. What a great combination, dancing girls & Galactic!


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Oysterhead at the Orpheum Theatre. (Trey played a guitar made of antlers, nuff' said)

STINKMITT - Silvertone Tavern - opening for 80 proof YOB - I know that nobody has heard of these chicks but... Picture 2 white girls - one is overweight (named MC Jenny Craig) and the other is wearing a blue wig - they come on stage yelling "smell the mitt" while holding up 2 fingers each - then they pump-out the NASTIEST, FILTHY gangsta rap I've ever heard. (they were actually skilled rappers) They got the crowd chanting "bangin' on mah clit" to end the show. Absolutely unforgettable.

Recipe From A Small Planet - Kaleidoscope Festival this past weekend. HOLY CRAP! Not enough attention is given to these guys - they absolutely slaughtered everyone with the tight grooves and flawless harmonies. The keyboardist is a Clavinet MASTER and an all around SICK player. damn.

JukeJoint at CTMF in May was amazing as well

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good thread!!!

Medeski here in Toronto...

Nero.. every time I've seen them

Burt Neilson in Guelph

Fat Cats over Chirstmas

Tenacious D in January

Moe in November.. (opps I guess that was last yr.. he he.. but I'm still puttin up [big Grin] )

Grand Theft Bus... every time I've seen them

Blue Quater before Burt in Hamilton...

Caution Jam and Mike and Jeff on 4 20

Ok this is out of control... [Embarrassed]

Cheers everyone..


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I am so thankful that I have been able to see so much music this year. My highlights are:

Cheese and Phil for NYE in San Fran

Bonnaroo baby!

moe. Halloween

Greyfox Bluegrass Fest

Just got back from Alpine Valley yesterday...The boys ripped the shit up!! What a wonderful time!!

So much more yet to come.

Freak Freely!

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