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Blue Quarter Thursday August 8


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Blue Quarter

Thursday August 8

Cafe Dekcuf

Ottawa, ON

10pm $6

The return of Vancouver's "Electro Lounge" trio


Please note, the movie is aprox 2.5 MB in size and may take a few minutes to load

The screening of Revolve talked about for this show will not happen. Anyone interested in getting a copy should send me an email. I have 2 copies left

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Hey y'all...first off..Thanks Double B..you rock man!!! This scene is so suppotive of each other..yeeeehaw.

When you guys see Blue Quarter, tell them the footage we shot at the G8 rocks!!! Boogie down for me, I love those kids....

I already posted this s amiilion times but if you want to see a promo video for a heads tale go to http://www.markhemmings.com/revolve_headstale.htm

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Guest Low Roller

If Dr. Seuss posted, it would sound something like this:

Snoots in boots

Yes I can,

Get all messy

Yes I am.

If you could and you would

You really should.

Because it's all for fun, and fun is good.

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Originally posted by dave-O:

Now if they could just get a sound man with a fucking clue...

Could you elaborate a bit here? I've never talked to or dealt with the sound man (except as a listener), and based on how good Dekcuf sounds to me, it seems like he's achieving pretty good results. (I'm not disagreeing with you, I just want to know what makes you have this opinion.)



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Well first off, this is a new sound guy that we've only seen for the back-to-back Nero nights and last night.

His EQ'ing and mixing of the drums is atrocious. With loud drummers we get enough drums off the stage to compensate. When the drummer is quiet and subtle (we love you GM!) this becomes a problem... and when the kick drum is producing notes and overtones, I get annoyed!

Bands like Nero and Blue Quarter are dead easy to do sound for. 3 instruments, no vocals, you can do no wrong! However, I've wandered into Dekcuf on nights with more complicated set-ups and the results have not been so pretty.

He's achieving pretty good results, yes. But not as good as it could be. I don't mean to be overly harsh... but it's a pet peeve of mine - hearing an incredible sound system not being used to it's fullest potential.

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