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The Return Of Festival Seating


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According to this article, Bruce Springsteen is going to have festival seating (a.k.a. general admission) for his show at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati. Apparently other arenas in some cities allow this?

The justification is that a Springsteen crowd is allegedly more well-behaved than most rock show crowds. Even so, isn't this a bad thing? I was about 12 or 13 when the tragedy at the Who show in Cincinnati happened (if you were too young to remember it, there's an episode of "WKRP In Cincinnati" which deals with it quite well), and remember being appalled, even though I wasn't a rock show attendee (yet).




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I saw THE WHO a few of times in "festival seating".

I agree with you that the Cincinati show was a tragedy.

Yet there was something marvelous about being literally crushed at the front of the stage with people finding it hard to breathe and being pulled out of that pit to receive medical attention.

I guess now the chairs (which should get cut apart, folded up and neatly placed of to the side) provide the needed room On The Floor. This allows for patrolling of the aisles and the opportunity for the person behind you to request that you "Sit Down!" occasionallly with such fervour that he squezzzes his drink so hard that it pops open and ozzes along your back.

I guess that's why I loved the Grateful Dead.

Lose your ticket after entrance, find yourself a space to be neighbourly in and enjoy the show.

I guess it's not the "seating" that matters but the people who attend the show and the music that moves them.

Bruce might get away with it. If not...another album about a tragedy, this time of his own creation.

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