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CTMF at Frontier Town for Labour Day weekend

mark tonin

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One last summer blast ... a great festival being planned for the Labour Day weekend! Bands booked so far include:


Fat Cats

Caution Jam


Blue Quarter

Mark Wilson & The Way It Is

with Friends of Hefner

Special Ed & The Musically Challenged



Erin Smith Band

... plus more to be announced!!!

For more info visit:

Come Together Music Fest at Frontier Town web site

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Hey Shane....ever got intot he sweet melodies of Grand Theft Canoe?? (early 90's indie Can Rock???)

Grand Theft Canoe

In The Band...

Alex Kirkpatrick - drums

Angus Kirkpatrick - guitar, vocals

Evan Kroeker - guitar, vocals

Eric Bridger - bass


The band compose quirky humorous ditties that recall the poppier side of late-60s psychedelia, a la Traffic or early Floyd. They are currently peddling a 7-inch out and debut CD, Bolivia + Argentina = Paraguay. Both are distributed by Minneapolis label Flurry in the U.S. and Cargo in Canada. The band plans to record its next full album in late summer.


Bolivia + Argentina = Paraguay CD and cassette (1995)

"She Smells Like Flowers" b/w "It's Dreary Days Yet" 7-inch (1995)

Corefest compilation cassette (1993)

Mucky cassette (1992)

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