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Sorry to be mixing work & fun, but I'm at the end of my rope here!

[Frown] Background:

We built a vb app and crystal reports using .NET. We want to deploy this to a client PC running NT. We ran our Windows updates (SP 6a and MDAC 2.6 sp2 and Jet 4.0 SP6) and installed the .NET framework on the client PC.

The vb app runs fine. However, when I try to run the reports, I get an error: "error in formula @formulaname." The only source of this problem that I could find had to do with an old version of the Crystal Reports Print Engine (crpe32.dll) The suggested fix was to replace the old dll with version

When I try to register this dll, I get yet another error: ". DllRegisterServer may not be exported, or a corrupt version may be in memory. Consider using Pview to detect and remove it."

I am unable to detect it, and therefore, cannot remove it!!! (and yes, I have rebooted!)

So I continue searching online, and I find that this error may be caused by conflicting versions of comcat.dll and ole32.dll. (Comcat.dll version 5.0 works with Ole32.dll version 4.71 and later. Comcat.dll version 4.71 works with Ole32.dll version 4.0. ) So I check these dll's and they seem fine: comcat.dll v.4.71 and ole32.dll v.4.0. [Confused]

All of this is pretty new to me, so I'm hoping that someone out there can steer me in some sort of a direction (the right one is preferred!).

Thanks in advance!


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