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You are the man, Dylan.

Northern Wish

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to pipe in before the bard makes his way to Upper Canada. If you don't have tickets to go see Dylan in Montreal, Kanata, or Toronto. Go and buy them!!!

I just saw him play on two consecutive nights in Moncton, NB 8.8.02, and Saint John, NB 8.9.02. I was thrilled this spring when the shows were announced. Since living out here, live music has been sparse at best so we knew we were going to be hitting these shows even if only for nostalgic purposes........

And then all hell broke loose. I wasn't expecting the world from Bob, as in recent years I have seen reunion tours from CSNY, The Other Ones and Janes Addiction. At each of those shows the artists did their best to recreate the original music, and mostly just fell flat. There was nothing new happening, and although I enjoyed each show it seemed to be just a little off. Dylan on the other hand, has gathered himself a kick ass little unit of tight musicians. The songs were all presented with passion, and most were reworked a little for the shit kickin country style of this tour. Both nights Bob was in great spirits (despite playing to only 3000 night 1, and around 5000 night 2). Night 2 also happened to be the annivesary of Jerrys passing. One of my friends brought down a sign reading "You Know Our Love Will Not Fade Away", with "Play one for Jerry" on the back. When Bob was jamming on Tangled he looked right down at Brian and nodded to him. Now we didn't get NFA but it was a moment nonetheless. Oh yeah, and everyone in the place was wearing a Jerry shirt!

This ain't no oldies show people, take my advice and don't miss it.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Moncton Coliseum

August 8, 2002

I Am The Man, Thomas (acoustic)

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (acoustic) Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic)

Masters Of War (acoustic) (Charlie on dobro)

Cry A While (Larry on slide guitar)

Moonlight (Tony on standup bass)

I Don't Believe You

High Water (For Charley Patton)

Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob on harp)

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic)

My Back Pages(Larry onfiddle and Bob onharp)

Summer Days (Tony on standup bass)

Never Gonna Be The Same Again The Wicked Messenger (Bob on harp)

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Larry on steel guitar)


Like A Rolling Stone

Honest With Me (Larry on slide guitar)

Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

All Along The Watchtower

Saint John, New Brunswick

Harbour Station

August 9, 2002

I Am The Man, Thomas (acoustic)

Man In The Long Black Coat (acoustic)

Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) (Bob on harp)

Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

Lay, Lady, Lay (Larry on pedal steel)

Highway 61 Revisited

Moonlight (Tony on standup bass)

Masters Of War (acoustic) (Charlie on dobro)

Visions Of Johanna (acoustic)

If Dogs Run Free (acoustic)

Summer Days (Tony on standup bass)

Every Grain Of Sand (Bob on harp)

Cold Irons Bound

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat


Honest With Me (Larry on slide guitar)

Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic) (Bob on harp)

All Along The Watchtower

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