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Halloween Phish - Oh yeah


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You want them all..................

Get those first, but get the rest.

I have BITCHED about the Live Phish releases thus far, but this is brilliant.

Since you love the Underground and you will be getting Volume 16, wait until you hear the start of disc3

Wolfman’s Brother > Piper > Ghost

DogAtTheStation listened to this with headphones via a web broadcast , he wasnt of this world and was VERY frightened. He turned me onto it.

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411 ticketed for drugs at Dead show

MILWAUKEE (AP) -- The sheriff's department said 411 citations were issued for violations of drug laws at last weekend's reunion of the remaining members of the Grateful Dead at Alpine Valley Music Theatre.

The department's drug enforcement unit released the following totals:

-- 269 county citations for marijuana possession, which usually nets a $407 fine for less than 30 grams;

-- 80 arrests for 132 state violations, which carry heavier penalties than county citations;

-- 10 charged with possessing hallucinogenic mushrooms and referred to the district attorney.

Police seized more than 23 kilograms of marijuana, as well as 7,300 doses of LSD, 8.8 grams of liquid LSD, four kilograms of hallucinogenic mushrooms, nine grams of heroin, 82 grams of hashish, 6.3 grams of cocaine and a tank of nitrous oxide, according to the department.

The biggest bust came Sunday when drug unit officers saw people entering and leaving a converted touring bus in the parking lot. Officers raided the bus and seized three kilograms of mushrooms, three kilograms of marijuana and 56 grams of hashish.

Two officers were injured in that arrest. One was knocked unconscious when he was struck in the head by a knee, and the other suffered a bruised thigh and scrapes to a knee and palm, the department said.

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