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Question of 2002.08.14


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Inspired by Dr. Huxtable's Dylan Moment, here's today's question:

What makes you cry? What makes the emotions well up inside you and the tears flow?

For me, it's stories and programs about family, especially reunitings.

There was a story on the "On The Road" program with Charles Kuralt a bunch of years ago, about a (black) family in South Carolina. The family started out as sharecroppers, making cents a day, had nine children, and sent them all to college. (The parents got enough together to send the first, who, when he got out, helped the next in line, and so on.) One child was a lawyer in one part of the country, another a doctor somewhere else, another a clergyman, and on and on.

One Thanksgiving (the subject of the story), they all came back, and brought their spouses, and kids and all. Before dinner, the patriarch is giving the blessing, and is a vision in tears. Kuralt was crying, and as he looked over at the cameraman, he was on the verge of tears. It's probably the most powerful piece of television I've ever seen.

Others in the same vein for me would be episode of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" when Will's father comes back, only to abandon him yet again. The ending scene where Will explodes just about wrecks me. The episode of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" when Buffy comes home after running away does it for me, too. Seeing Buffy's Mom get anxious when the doorbell rings, then her stunned look when she opens the door, and the silent cathartic hug they have just before the credits roll is, to me, just about perfect: no words are needed, just the feeling.



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People (or animals) in pain, especially if the pain was inflicted for no good reason, out of the blue, by someone or something else, and the sufferer can't understand why it's happening or where it's coming from. This doesn't have to be physical pain, either--not being able to understand the wrongness of something or make it stop hurts, too.

Chalk one up for arcane deciding that going into medicine would not have been the smartest idea in the universe.

Loss of family gets me, too. This isn't restricted to death--pointless, forced, long-term separation is just as bad, if not worse.

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...man, what a QoD indeed!?!

when it comes to hollywood pullin' the heart strings, i am the demographic! but here are some of the top tear-jerkers (in no particular order):

1) charlotte's web

2) the champ (ricky schroeder as the constantly sobbing kid)

3) me pops

4)any movie where a dog, a horse, a goose, whatever finds an untimely demise at the hands of evil hunters

5) i can see clearly now

6) most supertramp tunes (nostalgia-wise)

I was recently at a funeral for a co-workers husband and they played "i shall be released" and i can honestly say that it was one of the most moving moments...

P.S. I suggest "Flesh Magnolias", an equally touching film that still requires a box of kleenex...

[big Grin]

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The movie Ghost made me cry for about two days. Nothing in movie form has made me cry that way since.

There is a Leanne Rymes songs as well that makes me well up called "How Do I Live". I don't know what it is about that song but for years it has done something to my heartstrings.

Sometimes when I think of my Dad in Toronto and how long it's been since I've hugged him, I well up. Dito for my 2 baby neices and nephew. I get homesick pretty easy. Sometimes I dream that my dad is sick or had died. I wake up in tears. I love my old man.

AND PHISH BEING BACK!!! I can't deside whether to laugh or cry on that one. WOO HOO!!!

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I hear ya, Chewie, but it won't bring back the boy, or scrub away the pain, fear and utter bewilderment he must have suffered. THAT is what makes me cry.

I dunno. With me, it's injustice, pain and frustration. I'm not so easily set off by reunions and weddings. Maybe that's just a reflection of my experiences. Nah, not quite; I've always been like that--just more so now.

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Originally posted by arcane:

I hear ya, Chewie, but it won't bring back the boy, or scrub away the pain, fear and utter bewilderment he must have suffered. THAT is what makes me cry.

that story really hit home with me cuz i have a two year old myself who i would lay down my own life for...not the other way around.

before i started typing this i started to well up just thinking about what that innocent little guy was thinking...why is my daddy hurting me...

makes me soooo sad and soooo ANGRY!!!

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Anything...if I'm stressed out enough! Annnyyythinggggg!!!

Top Ten:

10. Not knowing when/where Paradise City is playing again

9. Any book with a good/cheesy love story

8. .dll hell

7. Seeing the biscotti bin empty in the cafeteria

6. Driving to Kingston...yet again

5. Children in pain

4. Animals in pain

3. Working on wedding invitations for months and then being told that the church address is wrong

2. Mean people

1. If I have wronged someone

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