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how the hell do ya get "hippy" smell off car


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...yo,check it out,

I was driving this huge Wookie from Keene,N.H after a Seapods show and dropping him off in Middlebury,VT.

I initially smelt patch-oil and herb(which is all fine) but this was about 3 hour ride. The smell was getting worse and worse,like multiplying algae, I had to make 6 "fake" stops to just breath normal New England air!!

I got back in from one of those "come up for airs" and POOF!! It smelt like a fuckin' playpen in 110 degree heat!!!

Anyway,he's gone now buy the Subaru smells freakin' unbearable.

How the hell am I gonna fancy a chickita with B.O. & Fart smell amidst ??

Any IDEAS as for a REALLY GOOD & EXPENSIVE way to get rid of that Wavy Gravy Tear Dweller??!!

Thanx in advance,




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