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Jukejoint & Astrogroove @ CoZo... Sat


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Jukejoint and Astrogroove at CoZo...Sat Aug 22...$5


Fusing jazzy moods with inspired funky grooves, Jukejoint inject way-out atmospherics and smoking improvisations around an air tight rhythm section, these guys update the past as they probe the flavours of jazz, funk, jungle, drum & bass, blues - anything with a heavy groove is open limits to their fresh sound.

Saturday, August 17


The Comfort Zone

480 Spadina @ College

Opening for


"AstroGroove is an improvising collective that explores electronica from organic break beat to drum n' bass. Haunting textures, drum breakdowns, blistering solos, sound paintings, rhythmic explorations and breakneck

jungle beats. Three multi-instrumentalists who never lose sight of the GROOVE."

w/Richard Underhill, Great Bob Scott & Jono Grant


Show starts at 11PM

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