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'The 'beer-goggle effect' does actually exist


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Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder

August 19 2002 at 01:33PM

London - Want to be more attractive? Then make sure those around you are having a drink.

British scientists have found even modest amounts of alcohol will make the opposite sex appear better-looking.

"We have carried out experiments which show that what is known in the trade as the 'beer-goggle effect' does actually exist," Barry Jones, professor of psychology at Glasgow University, told Reuters on Monday.

The study of 120 male and female students found drinking up to four units of alcohol - about one litre of beer or four glasses of wine - increased the perceived attractiveness of members of the opposite sex by about 25 percent.

Jones said alcohol apparently stimulates a part of the brain called the nucleus accumbens, which judges facial attractiveness.

"There is a strong link between facial attractiveness and signals about the quality of a potential mate," Jones said.

The professor said the study had been prompted by the causal link between risky sex and alcohol consumption.

Its findings come at a time when young Britons are increasingly binge drinking, which has serious health risks.


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Oh God!!!!!

The Beer Goggle effect has brought me so many good times and plenty of BAD times.

I ask you this though. Were they really bad times, if at the time the Beer Goggle effect made them appear to be good times. I guess it all depends how quick you get out in the morning.

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My FAVORITE 'get out of jail' line was from Treyter:

Its 4am-ish

"I gotta bolt, I gotta catch a train"



Or, this one.......from another who will remain nameless:

Boy: I am going to get a drink of water.

Girl: You arent coming back, are you?

Boy: Nope.

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Nope, your stories are FAR better when we know it is you. See, we can easily put ourselves through the looking glass and envision it.

Believe you me, if 'nameless' were someone you could laugh at and see, ie Davey Boy, I would have spilled those beans.

Be glad that there are enough of your stories I keep to myself [Wink]

Actually, I am serious.............

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Originally posted by treyter:

why, for the love of god, can't i ever remain nameless???

Because you live your life in an open and honest way, with all of its/your beauty and faults exposed for all to see. You'll never appear as a silhouetted figure, hidden by shadow and without identity; no, your place is to run the gamut of the human experience, to lead a way for others to follow or recoil from as they see fit. For you to be nameless would be a waste: we need true names attached to those such as yourself, to show that a life with such magnitude can be put into one person.

And that's what we like about you.



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