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Evolve Schedule?


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Scottie: I 'spoke' with Sean today and he'll be at Evolve for sure. (Is Nina coming to? I assume so...) Can't make the road trip to Saint John but it'll be good to see people at the show. I can only get Friday and Monday off work (and I'm working 14 hour days this week so I can go!)

We're leaving Ottawa Thursday after work and are planning on driving straight through.



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Hey AD,

I talked with Jay Clearly last night (of Aaron McDonald Band).

He said:

-the schedule would be posted today

-The Slip is headlining both nights

-nero is at 12:45 and GTBus is at 5:00 on Saturday afternoon

- there is water and a washing station available there

-we can camp with our cars if we ask when we arrive. they will put us in RV camping

-the liquor and grocery store will both be open until 9 on Friday and 6 on Saturday (both are in Antigonish around 20 minutes away)

See you there!


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