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How many shows do you go to a week?


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That's funny that you posted that - I just this week compiled a list of shows that I've been to (that I remember attending) since the start of the year... I was surprised by the total number.... I know I go out a lot, and often it's to see live music but... anyways, if you're interested take a look ...


January shows I went to:

> Ringing in the New Year with the Burt Neilson Band - Comfort Zone

> Mike Filipowitsch - Woolwich Arms (Guelph)

> Grateful Dawg (Garcia/Grisman documentary) - Bloor Cinema

> Al from Moe. - Comfort Zone

> Grand Theft Bus - Comfort Zone

> The Sauce - Comfort Zone

> Jeff Buckley Tribute - Rivoli

> Bodega - Rancho Relaxo

> 2 Minute Miracles - Lee's Palace

> Hard Days Night (Beatles Film) - Bloor Cinema

> Stereophonics - Kool Haus

February shows I went to:

> Default - Kool Haus (long story...)

> Nickelback - Kool Haus (I repeat, long story....)

> Galactic - Opera House

> My Well - Rancho Relaxo

> Default - Lee's Palace

> Weaselpalooza (Corporate music event) - Capitol Theatre

> Rufus Wainwright - Convocation Hall

> Teddy Thompson - Convocation Hall

> CSNY - Air Canada Centre

> Mojave 3 - Rivoli

> Bodega - Rivoli

> Full White Drag - Horseshoe

> Shannon Lyon - C'est What

> Burt Neilson Band - Horseshoe

March shows I attended:

> Bodega - Horseshoe

> Burt Neilson Band - Call the Office (London)

> Shannon Lyon - Call the Office (London)

> Samba Squad - Reverb

> Burt Neilson Band - The Casbah (Hamilton)

> Blue Quarter - The Casbah (Hamilton)

> North Mississippi Allstars - Lee's Palace

> Blue Quarter - Horseshoe

> Blue Quarter - Comfort Zone

> Burt Neilson Band - Alfie's (Kingston)

> Burt Neilson Band - Alexander's (Brantford)

> Burt Neilson Band - Club Abstract (Kitchener)

> Bodega - Club Abstract (Kitchener)

> Burt Neilson Band - Babylon (Ottawa)

> Nero - Babylon (Ottawa)

> Burt Neilson Band - Le Swimming (Montreal)

> The Swallows - Rancho Relaxo

> Bodega - Rancho Relaxo

> Burt Neilson Band - Trasheteria (Guelph)

> Bodega - Trasheteria (Guelph)

April shows I went to:

> Burt Neilson Band - Trasheteria (Peterborough)

> Blue Quarter - Comfort Zone

> Burt Neilson Band - Horseshoe

> Burt Neilson Band - The Cellar (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

> Burt Neilson Band - The Attic (Halifax, Nova Scotia)

> Neil Halstead - Horseshoe

> Dave Matthews Band - Air Canada Centre

> Bela Flec - Air Canada Centre

> Caution Jam - Comfort Zone

> Mike and Jeff from BNB - Comfort Zone

> Wilco - Convocation Hall

> Bellweather - Rancho Relaxo

> Bodega - Trinity St. Paul Church

> Sarah Slean - Trinity St. Paul Church

> The Last Waltz (The Band Concert Film) - Eglinton Theatre

May shows I went to:

> The Last Waltz x2 (The Band Concert Film) - Eglinton Theatre

> DJ Mark Farina - The Kool Haus

> The Smoothies - The Orbit Room

> Bruce Cockburn - Convocation Hall

> Grand Theft Bus - Comfort Zone

> Mike and Jeff Heisholt from BNB - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Jukejoint - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Drums & Tuba - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Friends of Hefner - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Grand Theft Bus - Comfort Zone

> Drums and Tuba - Club 279

> Jonathon Dyck - VOX

> DJs Mike Budd/Brendan Wypich - Temple

> Black Tie - Rancho Relaxo

June shows I went to:

> One Step Beyond - Comfort Zone

> Jomomma - Comfort Zone

> The Product - The Rivoli

> Metalwood - The Rivoli

> Ben Kweller - Horseshoe

> Downtime - Comfort Zone

> Sean MacDonald - Cameron House

> Memory Bank - Rivoli

> Martin Tielli - Horseshoe

> Brundlefly - Rivoli

> Jack Breakfast - Lounge 88

> Maple Music NXNE Party - Amsterdam Brewery

> Full White Drag - Rancho Relaxo

> Maple Music Allstars - Horseshoe

> Oh Susanna - Horseshoe

> Lowest of the Low - Horseshoe

> Bodega - Rivoli

> Sam Roberts - Rivoli

> Toronto International Drumming Festival - Queen's Park

> Nero - Comfort Zone

> Elvis Costello - Molson Amphitheatre

> Junetile - Rancho Relaxo

> Mellanova - Rancho Relaxo

> Medeski Martin and Wood - Harborfront Centre

> Trey Anastasio - Darien Lake (NY)

> Herbaliser - Harborfront Centre

> DJs Mike Budd/Brendan Wypich - Temple

> The New Deal - The 11th Hour

> Jukejoint - Esplinade Beer Markets

> Bodega - The Horseshoe

> Fat Cats - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Friends of Hefner - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Nero - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> Burt Neilson Band - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

> The Golden Caramels - Frontier Ghosttown (Durham)

July shows I went to:

> Down From the Mountain - Molson Amphitheatre (Alison Krauss & Union Station with Dan Tyminski & Jerry Douglas, Emmylou Harris, Patty Loveless, Ralph Stanley, Ricky Scaggs, Norman and Nancy Blake, The Whites, Nashville Bluegrass Band, Del McCoury Band, Chris Thomas King, Colin Linden, Rodney Crowell - MC, Bob Neuwirth - Musical Director)

> Friends of Hefner - Comfort Zone

> Mark Wilson - Comfort Zone

> Fat Cats - Casbah (Hamilton)

> Phil Lesh and Friends - Molson Amphitheatre

> Moe. - Molson Amphitheatre

> Soulive - Molson Amphitheatre

> Femi Kuti - Harborfront Centre

> Caution Jam - Comfort Zone

> Mike and Jeff from BNB - Comfort Zone

> Downtime - Reilly's

> Skid Row - Club 279 (bizarre)

> The Hole and Corner - Comfort Zone

August shows (so far)

> Bodega - Rivoli

> Nero - Horseshoe

> Downtime - Horseshoe

> 5440 - Taste of the Danforth

> Bodega - Taste of the Danforth

> Jack Breakfast - Lounge 88

> Jomomma - Comfort Zone

> Bob Dylan - Molson Amphitheatre

> Jimmy Swift Band - The Kathedral

> Sloan - Molson Amphitheatre

> Oasis - Molson Amphitheatre

> Lowest of the Low - Lee's Palace

...so much more to come this year too!!

Life is good....


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...thanks for the insight....

I actually put together the list b/c I'm doing a radio show next week of all the great shows that have come through T.O. and the vicinity this year... if anyone has any live recordings from these shows or others that I missed (like JJ Cale, SCI, Scofield, Culture, Herbie Hancock) let me know....

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Mary...I have the 2 est coast Canadian Incidents,2 Bisco shows from 01/00 in TO, moe At the Opera house 99,00,01,02....Jukejoint in Burlington. Little Feat @ the 01 BluesFest.A well as Blues Traveler,DAYS of YOU And Herbie here at the NAC>they are all on DATS.

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I have seen some amazing music this year and of course this summer! So much I do not know if I can name them all.

Highlights from the summer are the 3 festivals I went to Bonnaroo, The Grey Fox Bluegrass Fest and Alpine baby! Also hit up Some phatty Gouda, Phil, Trey and moe. There is a never ending supply of music close by or a couple hours drive away!

I am in Santa Barbara California right now and seeing Zuvuya, a Michael Travis side project tomorrow night!! Friday night Yonder Mountain is playing here...came at just the right time.

Hey Mary, how was the Low show? Went to Dylan on friday night and missed them and missed them saturday because I went away. What night did you go and how was the show? I caught them during the pub Crawl at Clintons. Been lovin' the low for a long time.

I have the lLintons show and last summer's Molson show if you are interested.

Freak Freely!


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Hey thanks to you and Puddles for the offers...

The LOTL show was great.... tickets were $18 but I had guest list so that was OK... went after the Sloan/Oasis show. Was going to go to the Horseshoe after that b/c Soundtrack of Our Lives was playing there... ended up friends of mine went to the Horseshoe and the Oasis guys were there watching the show - surrounded by a ring of bodyguards. Apparently they are surpisingly nice (and very short) and talked soccer with my drunken friends who stumbled past the burly guards.

LOTL show was good to see though... they played tons of old faves... all the ones I wanted to hear from "Shakespear my butt"... I believe (?!) Rosey and Grey was the last tune. All in all a fine eve. Good times, good people....

Much better seeing them live again rather than hearing their live album they released... wasn't the biggest fan of that.

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