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Nickelback gets pelted by rocks

By JAM! Music

It's too bad Nickelback's huge success hasn't carried over to Portugal.

The Vancouver band quit two songs into their set at a music festival in Portugal on Monday (Aug. 19) after being pelted by rocks and bottles.

Video footage from Portuguese television shows frontman Chad Kroeger being showered by a water bottle, and immediately asking the crowd afterwards: "Are there any Nickelback fans in Portugal?"

After the audience lets out a dull roar, Kroeger asks "Are you sure?"

"It's up to you, do you want to hear some rock n' roll or do you want to go home?"

The response was a rock thrown into the back of Kroeger's head. The band left the stage, but not before Kroeger and drummer Ryan Vikedal gave the middle finger salute to the crowd. Kroeger appeared to be unhurt from the incident.

Nickelback's label Roadrunner has the television footage of the incident in the news section of their website here. (More on Nickelback)

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i don't like nickelback either but that just ain't cool...

someone on stage or close to it could get really fuckin hurt.

i'm not even down with glowstick wars...i've been in a few of them and while they look very cool it's not something i want to be in the middle of at shows.

i saw a girl take one right in the grill at the lemonwheel. she's wasn't a happy camper.

sorry to sound like a stick in the mud but maybe i just value my safety too much.

we know phish once liked them but even the band had to put the kybosh on them.

thoughts? feelings?

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ya, i pretty much agree, a friend of mine played a punk fest and got a couple of fingers broken and almost damaged his gretche majorly when some fucker chucked a beer bottle, and they even LIKED them... [Roll Eyes]

i remember though when i was very little and went to see u2 in 85 or somethign and somebody opened for them that the crowd pelted skittles at - poor band - i bet having hundreds of kids chucking skittles hurts! [smile]

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