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Old Joke, new twist


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Mikey Houser has died and gone to Heaven, where he is met at the Pearly Gates by St. Peter. St.Peter welcomes Mikey and introduces him to Jerry Garcia.

JG: "Hey Mikey I'm gonna show you around the place and answer any questions that you might have."

Mikey thanks Jerry and they go on their tour with Jerry pointing out the various attractions that Heaven has to offer.

JG: "Ya know man, you oughta think about coming and playing with us on the

weekends. We have quite the band assembled. Stevie Ray Vaughn, myself and Jimi Hendrix play with Jon Bonham and Jaco Pastorius. And every now and then we have Jim Morrison or Janis Joplin sing. Bill Graham is still tryin to figure out how he can sell tickets."

MH: "Wow! That would be excellent, thanks a bunch!" As they continue on their tour Mikey looks into a room and is quite startled at who he sees.

MH: "Umm, Jerry am I missing something here? I could swear that I just saw Trey Anastsio picking up his guitar in that room we just walked by!" Jerry looks back to the room and then smiles.

JG: "Oh,no! Ha,ha. You got it all wrong. That's just God. He just thinks he's Trey!"

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