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Black Crowes release live album...


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roast me if you will, but I use to love these guys... i really enjoyed that concert at robert gertien too...


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Crowes at top of their game


Winnipeg Sun


The Black Crowes


Given that the band has broken up and singer Chris Robinson's solo debut New Earth Mud is due in late October, this posthumous double-live CD from The Black Crowes has the whiff of contract-filler. Still, if that's the case, at least Live fills it out quite nicely.

Recorded at various stops on the band's 2001 tour, this 19-song set captures the boys at the top of their game -- cranking out the rockers like Hard to Handle, Think N Thin and Lickin', laying back to jam like the dope-smokin' hippies they are on Miracle to Me, Wiser Time and Cosmic Friend, and lacing up their soul shoes to get down on Black Moon Creeping and High Head Blues.

Frankly, it's enough to make you wonder if they really thought this whole breakup thing through. (More on The Black Crowes)

Track Listing

Disc 1:

1. Midnight From The Inside Out

2. Sting Me

3. Thick & Thin

4. Greasy Grass River

5. Sometimes Salvation

6. Cursed Diamond

7. Miracle To Me

8. Wiser Time

9. Girl From A Pawnshop

10. Cosmic Friend

Disc 2:

1. Black Moon Creeping

2. Hi Head Blues

3. Title Song

4. She Talks To Angels

5. Twice As Hard

6. Lickin'

7. Soul Singing

8. Hard To Handle

9. Remedy

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