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Mike "Soft G" Gordon


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"We arrive at the offices of Cactus, Unlimited, which doubles as Gordon's residence, and he offers a tour. The name of his production company, which is drawn from a nickname given to him by bandmates in Phish, reflects his approach to life and art. 'The name came from Page, Trey and Fish supposing that my Russian ancestral name was 'Gacht,' which they called me for a couple of months,' he explains. 'Then I turned that into the sillier 'Gact' and, alas, 'Gactin.' That warped into 'Gactoidler,' 'Toidler,' 'Toidi' and, for a long time, 'Ta - a.' But non one was was willing to ignore the 'Gactin/Cactus' similarity. So it became 'Cactus,' but also 'Cactile,' 'Cactoidler,' 'Cagden' and 'Cagney.' I don't particularly like being called any of them, including 'Cactus,' but i do like how stupid they sound. Jeff Lawson [producer of Outside Out] and I spent a while trying out names for our film company but nothing stuck out like Cactus Unlimited. It seemed nice because there are no cacti in Vermont exceept in pots, and because any artistic endeavor but making music is, for me, inherently limiting. So we have kept it going as a moniker, but I have yet to change Cactus Unlimited into a limited liability corporation so that the real name will be Cactus Unlimited, Limited."


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