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Straight outta Antigonish... (evolve rant)

Northern Wish

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to get the thread on Evolve started......

It was my first time there, and wasn't really expecting the world. But I was overly impressed with the whole thing from the crowd, weather, bands, site, etc.

Both nights bands treated the crowd to great tunes, and there were no major problems with the sound (there were a few minor outs in the first minute of The Slip on Fri).

The crowd was as friendly as could be and was well behaved. The site was a mess but I think that was more due to lack of garbage cans. For those going next year, bring some bags and help take away the mess!

Of course the Sanctuary had a good representation, as I was able to meet and party with alot of our internet friends, including:


Passed Out Guy

PEI Punk






earth freek


show whore

Davey Boy

Greg Hemmings and Nat

There are probably lots of people, events, songs etc that I don't remember (just ask Dave from nero why)......... But I had the time of my life. From getting there with our best friends (tungsten and marigold) to meeting so many more..............

Thanks Sanctuarians and Evolve!!!!


Quote of the weekend:

"Are you drinking enough?"

-Frequently heard being bellowed from the vicinity of Mr Dave Lauzon all weekend

Moment of the weekend:

-Getting guitar lessons from Dave as the sun came up over the water above Cape Breton early Saturday morning. Probably the most beautiful sunrise I have seen since Big Cypress. Magical!

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Hey you bastard you left me out [Mad][Mad][Mad]

Honestly it was a blast, good to see alot of friends out, the site was sweet, the drive was long, the music the good, the folks were well behaved. Only real draw backs were some hard rain starting late Saturday (didnt really effect me, I was pretty out there) and the place was a bit of mess afterwards but like NW said a few more well placed garbage cans or garbage bags would have really helped.

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Got back last night after driving straight back ... wow! ... one of the best weekends of my entire life ... there will be lots of stories, pics and music from the weekend I am sure ... I've got to run for now as I'm heading out camping for a few days and then to Frontier Town ... put this event on your calendar for next year ... bravo to the organizers for running an awesome festival.

And Northern Wish, sorry for punching you in the face on Friday night [Wink] ... that full moon made me crazy [Wink]

Peace, Mark

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wow what a great week of music i'v got tones of tape i think like 40 hours or so. and lots of video including Mr. Mark Tonin dancing on his own stage so hard i thought his arms were going to fly off. that'll be fun to see. for thoses who missed the sundat night post Evolve in Hailfax with gtb and the slip you should've really made it out the slip most people in tears with there last set of the weekend. the stuff i recorded is FUCKING UNREAL the best sounding shows i've ever recorded i patched out of the muilt-track truck.

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I totally agree it was a mind numbingly good time. The Slip stole everyone's thunder. Sunday was stellar, every night a different style for the Slip. But But But I must point out that shutting er down was an incredibly chumpy maneuvre. What is it Evolve: Shine or Shine.

For me I was going to see the Slip as much as Chris and Kate, Heavy Meadows were also really important for me to see to say nothing of Blue Quarter and Caution Jam's good times GD to roll out the weekend. When I woke up Sunday morning someone said it's off and I just got so down hearted. I knew it was going to be wet but having to see half the people already packed up killed me. Even pumping the Hall & Oates Live at the Apollo on my ghetto wasn't picking me up. I'm sure it was an incredibly difficult call to make but it should never have happened in the first place, the stages should have been better secured not flimsily. I travelled all the way from Ontario and at great expense, having very few opportunities to see Chris and Kate in particular in Canada and I was really let down. And I know that even a half hour to an hour after making the call it was clearing up and they were starting to wonder if it had been the right decision.

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I put that event on my calendar LAST YEAR for this year, and I still couldn't go.

This weekend should help make up for that.

I'm glad you all had a blast. I love reading the Sloths "I was way out there" descriptions.

I can't wait to see some of the images that Willy took.

Mark and Willy's Excellent Evolve adventure!


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