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gettin' down @ moe.down


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I'm gettin pumped. Sooo much good music! To answer the queries...

yeah i'm down

not sure how i'm gettin there

I was there last year and it was sweet. no super sweet spots that i can recall, but be prepared for all kinds of weather. Hot, cold, hard rain. A tarp for shade is sweet and we should definately try and arrange a spot for lots of us to camp.

for the last question, no but i got the shirt.

It seems like there should be at least 10 ottawa kids in attendance (probably more like 15). A few tips: the security isn't tight but they will steal your stash so hide it well when going through the gates to the stage. Beers are yummy and affordable (big ups to Magic Hat). Also beware of sketchy kids selling fake stuff...they are out there but if you are patient you'll find what you want. I'm jazzed for a good time this weekend. who else is down?

oh yeah, it should only take about 2.5 hours from ottawa (1.5 for those of driving with Hood)

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1. Nope - CT Fest at Frontier Town

2. Driving - car is full, or was as of last saturday night.

3. Nope, but I have been to CT Fest and SkankCity will be yet another blast.

4. Friday night.

5. Yes. Taping the bottom of my shoes together, that is

6. Vermont Dave?

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1. Are you going to Moe. Down?

2. How are you getting there? (do you have room and where are you leaving from if you do)

3. Have you been to moe.Down before and if so are there and xtra sweet spots to camp?

4. What time will you be arriving?

5. Are you taping?

6. Who's got my molly? [Wink]

my answers:

1. i am

2. my car is full

3. no

4. hopefully leaving ottawa around 3-5pm friday (how ling will it take to get there???? i dunno...)

5. no

6. i wish

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2)A couple of options

3)Yes - there are some sweeter spots up on the hill that are by trees but the walk is longer to the stage - most of the camping is field camping directly beside the venue but we will be bringing lots of shade with us

4)Depends on which way I go but I wanna be there by 5ish

5)No but a friend of mine that runs a great rig will be there so thats taken care of

6)I wouldnt sweat it

Important: you gotta walk about 200 yards or so to the camp ground from the car. Just bring in your tent, set up and then look for me. A buddy of mine there usually brings a wagon to drag the cooler and heavier things from your car and it would save you a bit of work and he said he was getting there early.

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One thing I've been wondering: how much US$ should I bring? I've got a ticket, but will need to be buying food (several meals a day, plus the odd coffee, water, snack, etc.) and beer (more than several a day), and probably a souvenir or two.



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cool there sloth--we ought to figure out when we are all going to arrive so we can setup camp together in the shady section (although withour crew we might be shady enough [Wink] )

I don't think I'll be leaving until 5ish...is there a preferable way to get there Dave?

Please drop the back-alley directions on here or email me if you have the time dude.

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Unlike some of the more casual Canadian festivals you cant bring you cooler in the stage area but the campground is directly beside the the music area and its easy to duck back for a drink between sets. Magic Hat Brewery sets up taps inside and last years prices were 3bucks a beer (pretty reasonable for some really good beer)

Thats the official policy. We had quite a bit of beer inside last year. Basically there are 2 entrances into the stage area. The large one leading directly from the main campground where security does a half ass look into your bag and another entrance leading from the small RV parking area. This entrance hardly ever had anyone watching it, especially for the early acts. A smaller cooler could easily be brought in from that side - just cover it with a blanket when you get in and drink your beer out of one of their beer cups.

Treyter there's only one way into this place

Get your directions and other info here:

moe.down info

Hey CanuckDuck, Bradm still needs a ride so if you got space post it up here.

See you all on Friday.

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