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For those going to MONK tonite>>>>


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Right ON!!! Somethin' to do since there is no Upper Ca. for me....sweet! Who's all going??? Ive got these extras "things" Im handing out and anyway, it would be phun to meet n party with you kind pholk!!! [smile] Where,what time and uhmm thats it.

I am bringing 2 shows to give so you can spin and send....

DEAD~Red Rocks-9-6-83 SBD &

Nero/Jomomma~4-20-02 SBD? from Ottawa

Please lemme know here who will take em.....With bells on,pudds....

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Originally posted by puddles:

Where,what time and uhmm thats it.

It's at the Bayou (Bank St., just South of the Glebe, across from the Mayfair theatre), and it's listed as an 8pm show. I should be getting there between 8:30pm and 9pm. I think there's a few of us going.

Hope to see you there!



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Right on!!!! Im not bring the Nero/Jomomma show but these: (trade for nugs please ??)....You can call me I need a ride from anywhere or talk about the nu&gs...


DEAD ROX~3CDs,9-6-83,sbd.

BISCO~All from 4-20-98,SBD,REALLY Good! 1 CD

JACO PASTORIUS~5-22-86,sbd,Buffalo.NY, 1CD

+ A REALLY cool SCI t-shirt that I made size L.




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I'll let you know, GM, how the Red Rocks sounds this weekend. I'll be listening to it in the car on the way up to CTFest. Thanks Pud. Sorry I didn't have any of these nuggets you speak of. Maybe I can burn you something else [Wink]

The ensemble (pianoless monk?) was really cool experience. I haven't heard a lineup of musicians and instruments like that in a really long time, if at all.

Acoustic Bass, Traps, Alto and tenor sax, and trumpet.

The pulse from the rhythm section was mesmerizing, and in the silence, the entire room could continue to feel it.

Everyone should check them out next round.

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