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to get the pictures saved to your harddrive (at least this is what i did):

make sure the window with your picture (that swf page with your picture all made up the way you want it) is the active window on your desktop.

press ctrl + alt + prt scrn

open up Paint (actually, you could open up photoshop if you have it, or IrfanView or whatever image editing software you have, but Paint comes automatically with Windows machines). Select the Edit > Paste menu item (probably can just do "ctrl + v" too).

you'll see the window in your new paint document. cropping a picture in Paint is kinda a pain, so you might just save it as a bitmap (i don't think Paint lets you save as a jpg) to your harddrive somewhere and then open the bitmap with some other program that you have that is easier to crop with (again, IrfanView is a great freeware image viewer/editor) and save in whatever format you wish (jpg, f'rinstance).

as for posting your pic here, the picture has to be uploaded to somewhere on the web before you can do that. so upload your jpg image to wherever you've got space (i don't know any free places off the top of my head - many of them are closed, and most of the ones that are left don't seem to allow linking to the images from other sites).

hope that helps...

note - if you follow all of the above steps but use "ctrl + prt scrn" instead of "ctrl + alt + prt scrn", a capture of your whole desktop gets saved to the clipboard, rather than just the active window.

good luck...

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