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Caution Jam ... a class act at Frontier Town

mark tonin

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It's been a while since I've visited the Sanctuary ... I've got lots of catching up to do at some point ...

Just a quick note to say that the CTMF at Frontier Town was fantastic ... great weather, a very relaxed vibe, and awesome music. Every act that I saw/heard was sweeeeet, but the best musical surprise of the weekend was Caution Jam playing a tasty version of BNB's Down With The Sound ... what a treat. Plus they busted out a rockin' Alabama Getaway right after.

More to follow ...

Peace, Mark

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high lights:

- Jukejoint (amazing as ALWAYS)

- Blue Quarter saloon appearance - The amazing dancin of Slow Nerve's Singer

- the Weather

- topless girls Friday or Saturday (forget)

- the first timers expressions...

low lights:

- fatties SHORT set (mark cut them after 6 songs)

- Hearing the Casbah SCREWED over Blue Quarter on Friday. (by the way, the stick player, from Montreal, is a really great guy.)

- No Aunt Bebe's fry truck.

anyways, got some really great digi pics, i'm hoping to get them online soon.

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No Sheet! Frontier Town was as awesome as ever. I had a great time.

Highlights for me included:

- BLUE QUARTER BABY!!! [Eek!][Eek!]

- Mark Wilson playing Cripple Creek (they cover the Band so well. Sweet harmonies are dead on.)

- nero bringing people to their knees. I had to move from the front of the stage to the side so that I could move the way they were making me. The comments from the sudience after the show were fun to listen in on. I heard "Finally something good comes from Ottawa" and "Who is that crazy hair kid?" and my personal favorite "Man I may have to tour again! Those dudes are saaaweeeeeet!"

- Getting to know Mark from Caution Jam (what a great guy - Thanks for the flowers)

- TONIN!!!

- The new breakfast place in Durham (mmmmmm feta eggs rule!)

- The weather

- Corn in a can with beer.

- Pre-mixed ceasars

- Lauzon on Monday morning.

Low lights:

- Missing moe, MMW, Galactic and our friends from Ottawa.

- No chip truck

- Yep that's all. It was a perfect weekend.

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Highlights: EVERYTHING!!!!

Lowlights: the fact that we will have to wait a long time for another CTMF...unless these Hallowe'en rumours are true...?? might still be warmer in Oct. than last May...

Great times.....

"They have the BEST music on this planet"

- Tonin!!

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So much fun in three days. With people taking in the fun at moe.down, and at CTfest, there was a lot of stinking fun all around.


* my cumberland from Caution Jam

* nero's superlong encore ... LITTLE WING? ouch!

* any campfire jams that happened

* having pizza delivered mmmmm.....

* ditto on blue quarter in the saloon

* the Erin Smith band was an amazing treat


* the inability to stay fresh and alive until 6 am

* not discovering the great breakfast until the very last day of the very last CT Fest

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Hello all...

Little Witch here (a.k.a. Lara and friend of the Musically Challenged) impersonating Dave cuz he left himself logged in. I'm going to blab a bit... hope you don't mind...

Just wanted to say I had a fun time at my first ever CTMF except I really wish Special Ed and the Musically Challenged could have played later [Frown] . The folks who made their way out into the sunshine seemed to really dig 'em but we need more of dem folks to hear the music!!! [Roll Eyes] Overall though, it was great for the Challenged to get invited and I know they're looking forward to the CTMF's of the future (yes, I am speaking on they're behalf right now)... Also thanks to Mark Wilson for the obvious amount of effort he puts into this festival.

Mark Tonin, it was great to meet you in person and even better to stand back and watch you dance. Great to see someone having such a blast!!

I really liked the whole vibe of the festival and how friendly everybody was/is. Next time we'll definitely come prepared to stay over so we can hang with and get to know more folks. Perhaps the "Friends of the Musically Challenged" will bring along a pit stop stand for those necessities that tend to run short... we shall see...

Hope to see you all out at some shows. If Colllingwood Kenny's out there anywhere... round 'em all up for the next Collingwood gig and help me spread the word!

p.s. I took some pictures on my regular old camera with film in it... if I scan them in, can I email them to someone to upload? I'm a bit of a rookie at this sort of thing. [big Grin]

p.s.s. Someone taped the Special Ed segment I think. Does anyone have it?

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Yep, another wicked weekend!

Some highlights:

- meeting up with all the great people, Skanks; people I only see at shows; a ton of my Chatham friends, and dancing and laughing and generally whooping it up!

- Blue Quarter - seeing them finally, after mulitple attempts, and being blown away (Missed them open for BNB at the Casbah the last time they played there. Drove to London sometime last year for a nooner Thursday show at Fanshawe only to find I was a week early. (Caught some hip hop group instead) VERY impressive show they put on. That drummer is F-U-N!

- finding my shoes and cooler tote bag in the saloon Saturday afternoon after forgetting them there Friday night.

- finding my cooler tote bag in the saloon Sunday afternoon after forgetting it there Saturday night.

- Absolutely losing my shit during Nero's set on Sunday night! RAGING!!

- Mark Wilson's saloon set. Best saloon band I've seen there yet, imho.

- The music keeping on until, it must have been 7 or 8 AM on Monday morning.

- The 'Wild Horses' in the Saloon Monday morning. Very sweet sounding.

- Being literally floored with delight at the sight of my friends, Mud and Blair, who, very much to my surprise, made the trek from New Hamshire to share in ONE LAST SUMMER BLAST!!

Some lowlights:

- not making it over to Skank City even once over the weekend. What can I do, I keep to a real busy schedule [Roll Eyes]

- No 'Eyes of the World' - I'm looking at you Fat Cats and C Jam.. [Wink]

- 'losing' my 40 oz. of CC from my cooler tote in the saloon Sunday night. [Frown]

- that numb nuts who was the passenger in the red dakota truck. If anyone knows this meat head tell him to stay away next time.


Well, I'm sure there's a ton more that I could add (to the highlight section esp.)


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Here is a Labour Day Frontier Town story that includes both my "ugliest" moment and my funniest moment from the weekend:

I arrived at Frontier Town on Saturday, still high from the Evolve experience and from a wonderful camping trip with my family. Saturday was an absolute blast, as I connected with numerous friends. Nothing but smiling faces, laughter, hugs, stories … and awesome music. I arrived at about 1 p.m. and from that moment on I felt so comfortable, so relaxed, so peaceful … except for one very strange and ugly moment that happened on Sunday morning after the sun rose (at about 8 a.m., I guess).

I had stayed up all night and at about 8 a.m. I decided to head back to the saloon with backbacon, a.k.a. Keri Kennedy. We were going to listen to some tunes and continue the party. As we entered the saloon, I said something like "Here we are, the saloon party." There was nobody else in the saloon, other than 2 guys. One of them looked at us and said something like "What saloon party, where are all the f*!ckin' sluts. And you two guys are faggots." This guy was 20 something, fairly clean cut … reminded me of a university/college student who had too much to drink and too much testosterone in his system. After a small exchange between him and backbacon, he left. Strange, ugly, and certainly the exact opposite of the amazing vibe that I had enjoyed until then. Just for the record, I'm not gay, but even if I was … so what!!! It continues to amaze me that people can be so homophobic/sexist/racist/etc.

Well, I shook off the event fairly quickly, forgot about it, and after a whole day of partying, dancing, socializing, etc. I found myself dancing to the sweet sounds of nero. And they really started to cook, so I really started to dance. I was dancing so hard that I was flying … so much so that sarahbelle and jenn decided to give me a pair of fairy wings to wear. I laughed as I put them on and continued to boogie like there was no tomorrow, and after a while I found myself next to backbacon. He turned to me and said something like "Imagine what our buddy from the saloon would say if he saw us now." Wow … talk about funny … I was bursting with laughter and couldn't contain myself. I had to share the whole story with someone. I found MK near the soundboard and relayed the whole story to him … absolutely hilarious … I am chuckling uncontrollably as I write this, so you can imagine how funny it was to me at the time. An ugly moment turned into a great moment.

I had to share that …

And backbacon, you are one hot dude!

Peace, Mark

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Were the two guys, both bald shaved heads???

One tall, the other short and stocky? If so, yes they were tools.

Guess the same guys who knocked over the shitter w/ someone in it! Still cannot believe that one.

I'm good friends with Kyla, one of the medics volenteered for the event. Lemme tell you, lots of not so nice stuff happened at this past frontier town.

Hell, my wind shield wipers were stolen!

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yeah!!! Waaay too funny, Tonin.

That guy who was all tough and calling us homos was walking by our site an hour after that saloon scenario, up the hill a bit, we were just lounging on some blankets... anyways, I started calling out "woo hoo, hey you, come over here, were having a gay homo dink party, you look perfect!" (or something to the effect). you know, just to get under his skin. Without his little sidekick though, he didn't even look up. just kept walkin by.

Funny though, couldn't resist bringing up the fact that if he saw us dancing there to nero, you: wings on, dancing like you do (picture Carlton Banks doing his 'It's Not Unusual' dance - arms swaying at the hip, finger snapping...well...not really but..) and wearing these fairy wings... and me.. crazy happy smiling hugging slapping raging'... well, you get the picture. hee hee hee..

isn't fun GREAT!!?

...and dr hux, speaking of having to wiat such a long time for the next g town bowout.. i found myself, on perhaps the saturday night say ing "i can't wait til may 2-4" that got some laughs. rockin!

and mark, yeah... i know i am [Roll Eyes]

btw... on the monday morning, must have been 9 or so.. i lost my balck and orange fluffy hat. any leads?

too much man

it's friday, still not recovered.. ugh (in a good way)

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haha. yup that's it!

it all happened when beats gave it back to me in the saloon and i had on my cowboy hat, (see avatar) so i had an extra around and yup got lost in the shuffle of moving from head to head (dirty?). it'll turn up. maybe may 2-4.

didn't you tell me that keri meant 'man of many hats'? funny stuff. should mean 'man of one less hat'. [Frown] ... [smile]

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