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I don't like G'N'R but...


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I just had to watch the MTV Music Awards and I was pleased to see Axl's new G'N'R has a few familiar faces in it: Buckethead ( Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade ) on guitar; Brian "Brain" Mantia ( Primus & Buckethead ) on drums; Tommy Stinson ( The Replacements ) on bass. Also, the guitarist for NIN is in the band too - I don't like that band however. Axl didn't hit many of the high notes in his mostly " classic " G'N'R medley, but the band was solid. I don't care for Axl's voice on a good day and he definitely wasn't on that night. It all didn't matter because The Hives and Champ The Insult Comic Dog stole the show.

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And Triumph's response to that Eminem stuff?


"I would like all of you to know that I am fine, that the scuffle at

the MTV awards involving Eminem, Moby and Eminem's trusty friend who

threw my pooping paper in the air did not result in permanent injury.

As soon as Christina Aguilera came out, I licked myself as a test and

my pink thing was perfectly functional. You will be glad to know that

Moby also licked himself and all systems were go.

It was unfortunate that such an incident had to happen, especially on

Michael Jackson's birthday, a day when we should all be embracing one

another and humping our chimpanzees.

The tone had been set for a lovely evening by Britney Spears, who is now hanging with Michael, thus ensuring she will remain a virgin indefinitely. as you now, my goal is never to set off scuffles and controversy, only to poop on and humilate others. I only wish Eminem could relax and enjoy all he has: his unique talent, and his smooth white hair, which brings to mind a beagle's nutsack. He should lighten up...I mean, my mom was a bitch too, but I don't go writing sings about it."

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His record company/promoters must have rolled dumptrucks full of cash up to these fine musicians. I can't see how else they could be convinced to play with this asshole.

Axl is the only rock star I've ever wanted to kill. His prima donna act, self-important attitude, and his penchant for walking out on concerts 20 minutes into them, causing riots, means he deserves no respect at all.

I can only hope that his planned 40-city tour falls flat on its face, and has to be cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

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I just have to get in here....

Ok, ok...so Axl is not a good person (to say the VERY least). Even the crowd at the GNR cover band was difficult to handle. But I do love sitting back and listening to some good ol' GNR pounding out of the speakers when my mood is right!

I haven't bothered listening to the new GNR (if they can even call it GNR...what a rip off.) because I'm afraid of the disappointment. I would like to hear what the other musicians are like, but I can't bear the thought of a dried-up Axl Rose. They might be selling tickets now, but eventually bearing the name "GNR" will do them more harm than good. Axl seems to making a fool of himself, yet again. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

There's nothing like experiencing a live show, but GNR is one show that I will never attend. I'm sure that some (most???) of you would like to hear me say that my reasoning is to not support the band by not buying a ticket, but that's not the case. I would buy a ticket (to see the old GNR...with Slash...GNR without Slash??? I don't get it) if I knew that I was going to enjoy the show, but the crowd would have me too uptight and guarded to be able to let loose.

Would I support the band without getting something good in return? Hell no. Would I support a good, honest, decent band without getting something in return? Hell yes! (Back off Nero! I'm unemployed now!!! [smile] )

Whatever makes you feel good, you do.

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