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Wholesale Glass Wanted

american nomad

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We are in search of someone or a group of someones that are able to supply us with wholesale glass (either canadian or u.s. blown). This includes any types of blown glass including necklace pendants, etc. If from Canada, it would have to be shipped to Michigan. Anyone blow glass or know someone who does, that would be willing to supply us with goods, I would appreciate being contacted. Since we are Nomads (on the road all of the time), the easiest way to get in touch with us is on our cell phone (734) 765-5231. Also, since we are on the road all of the time, this supplier would probably be kept quite busy just supplying us with what we need.

Initially, we are looking for a minimum of about $500 US in wholesale product. But we would be willing to take less if that is all you have.

Thanks and Peace Through Music,

Robb and Jessica

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