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Montreal groove in Guelph

Groove Fetish

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11:30 pm

St. George's Anglican Church L'Orchestre de danse (Pierre Tanguay, Jean Derome, Tom Walsh, Rainer

Weins, DJ Pocket, and Fred Frith) Stu/Sen $12

Adult $16

L’Orchestre de Dance (Quebec/ USA) The notion of jazz as sit-down-and-listen concert music, by now, comprises much of its history, but in the end, it cannot escape its glorious roots: jazz was made for dancers, and L’Orchestre de danse wants to prove it to you. This collective ensemble gathers stalwart members of Montreal’s musique actuelle scene for the express purpose of getting down, cutting a rug, and shaking your booty. Despite wildly popular concerts in Quebec, L’Orchestre hasn’t bothered recording yet; they are primarily a live band getting live listeners up off their seats and dancing in the aisles. The band is Pierre Tanguay, drums; Jean Derome, reeds; Tom Walsh, trombone; Rainer Weins, guitar; DJ Pocket, turntables & vox; with special guest Fred Frith on bass. Pierre Tanguay: “Everybody dances to us! Even people who never dance are dancing within minutes of hearing us!” A bold statement, sure, but what a delectable, groovable, move-your-hipsable treat if L’Orchestre de danse follow through on it!

Tickets for events can be purchased individually or you can choose one of the following three passes:

* All-Inclusive Festival Pass -- $125 -- allows access to all ticketed events (please note that seating is limited at some venues)

* Quartet Pass -- $75 -- allows access to the Thursday 5th, Friday 6th, Saturday 7th 8:00 pm concerts plus Sunday 8th 7:30 pm concert

* Late Nite Pass -- $35 -- allows access to the three 11:30 pm concerts

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