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Wicked Trumpet late night

Groove Fetish

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11:30 pm

St. George's Anglican Church Cuong Vu Trio Stu/Sen $12

Adult $16

Cuong Vu Trio (USA) The Guelph Jazz Festival is thrilled to welcome the trio of trumpeter Cuong Vu, who is certainly a rising star of American contemporary music. He has an instantly identifiable instrumental sound and an uncanny melodic sense in the vein of Miles Davis and Wadada Leo Smith, but is well beyond any sort of slavish imitation. His music, which often incorporates live electronics and sampling, presents an ongoing dialogue with a jazz tradition he obviously knows and loves, but aspires to reach beyond its stylistic dogmas, embracing many other traditions en route to an utterly contemporary musical synthesis – in this sense, Cuong Vu is very much in the tradition of the great jazz innovators. He has collaborated with many of the leading lights in contemporary music, including former GJF artists Dave Douglas and Gerry Hemingway, and has contributed not only his trumpet playing, but also his singing voice on tour with Pat Metheny’s band. Joining him are bassist Stomu Takeishi, a regular in the groups of Myra Melford and Henry Threadgill, and drummer Joe Tomino. Do not miss the chance to hear this marvelous trumpet stylist and new jazz innovator.

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