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Hey Schwa..I have the DATS from Hookahville!


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puddles, you are tlaking about the hookahville from the past weekend, aren't you?

schwa, you were a big helium baloon when you heard that [Confused][Eek!] heehee. see you at school t'mrow [Frown] you gotta work t'mrw night? go to the pub if you're not. i can hook you up with cheap drinks! (because they are cheap to begin with [Wink] )

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RANDOLF??!!(sick) n more...

Wow! I had a blast this weekend. The music was a treat & the vibe was even better. An all-around beautiful weekend. How about that weather? It was perfect! Robert Randolph totally blew me away & all of the other bands put on a great show. Hookah's sets were awesome & it was nice to see special guests again. I had a stage access pass & happened to be up there when Ricky Skaggs joined the boys on Friday. The smile on his face was awesome...it showed that he was having a very good time. The enocres are always a treat. That 'Hotel California' was really sweet. I had an awesome campsite...we were in the shade all day long & I could sleep as long as I wished. We also had a restaurant-style daiquiri machine so we were sucking on those all day long. Sorry if I missed the pHook meeting times. On Friday I was waiting for my gal to show up so I was preoccupied with that.

Here are the Hookah setlists for anyone interested. These are the official setlists taken by Greg "Dubba" Frahn, Hookah's archivist.

ekoostik hookah

Friday August 30, 2002

Frontier Ranch; Kirkersville, OH

Through Hiker->

Amazing Grace->

Through Hiker

Good Time (Merry-Go-Round)

The Risk


Ohio Grown


Pass the Cider... Pass the Rum

Highway 40 Blues^*

Keepin' Time*



Highway Home->


One Last Look Around

Abdega Gaga^

Raging River


Somewhere Down the Line

E: Sugar Jam->

Sister Sugar->

Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)^->

Sister Sugar

^denotes 1st time played

*w/Cody Kilby & Ricky Skaggs

also billed: Loe Kottke, Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder


ekoostik hookah

Saturday August 31, 2002

Frontier Ranch; Kirkersville, OH



Back Seat

Only Falling

Voodoo Stew


Let's Make It*->

Boogie Chillun'*




Another You**

Life Is Good**

Alexander II


E: Hotel California^

Boogie Shoes^#

Hot 'Lanta^

Summertime Blues^@

*w/Marcos Reyes and Aaron Aptor on percussion, Tetsuya Nakamura on

harmonica, Kevin Oliver on

guitar, Stanton Moore on drums, and the Tower of Shower (Shawn Behanna

on sax, Mike O'Herron

and Ansyn Banks on trumpet and Bryan Casey on trombone)

**w/ John Boerchelor on guitar

#w/Tower of Shower (Shawn Behanna on sax, Mike O'Herron and Ansyn Banks on

trumpet and Bryan

Casey on trombone) and Dave on keyboard

^denotes 1st time played

@w/ Shane Frye on drums

also billed: Robert Randolph and the Family Band, War, Galactic

The conversion might take me a few daze...I just got kicked down sonde "shish" and I am slower than molasses for the next few....Ill let ya guys know....

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