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tons of moe.down pics


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Top things overheard at MoeDown:

"Sounds like your mouth is writing a cheque your ass cant cash"

"Frontier this!"

"This is my 9-5 job."......"Where are they selling balloons 9 for 5?"

"Will you bring me to Ontario when I turn 19 so I can get drunk with you?"

"I KNOW DUDE! A Cadillac AND a Benz, what the f@*k?"

"First, you had to worry about mosquitos stinging you or whatever it is they do, now, they want to kill you."

"Dude, you didnt even have to spend money on her.".........."I bought her breakfast."

"That's not the first time I have bathed in shit."

"Pass the roast beef and make with the ass."

"Good luck bearing the burden of his beer."

"Hood, you like Busch, dont you?"

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