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Now that I have your attention... [Eek!]

Scene & Heard needs you!

Scene & Heard is now accepting submissions for its next issue due out later this fall. If you would like to write for us and already have an idea, or finished piece please send it to sceneandheard@canada.com If you haven't got a clue where to start, but are interested in covering events in your area, because, hey, you'll be there anyway, we want to hear from you. This takes no previous writing experience or talent, just a love for the music. Please include you full name and the city you live in.

We're interested in...

Some regular features like:

-Concert and Show Reviews. 600-900 words. Please include setlist, venue, ticket price, date. We really appreciated Sean Swan's review of Prince in Hamilton in the last issue. Thinking outside the box is a must.

-Festival Reviews. 1000-1200 words. Please include set list, venue, ticket, price and date.

-CD Reviews. 600 words. Preferably new material, but our Vault Editor is always looking for a new way to discuss old greats.

-Band interviews. If you've got an idea, a band, and an urge to write, drop us a line. Or if you're a band and want an interview, drop us a line.

-Interest columns. 1000-2000 words. If you've got something to say about the scene, we're interested. Good or bad, as long as you have a critical eye, and discerning taste, Scene & Heard is always looking for fresh angles.

-Feature pieces. Much of the above can be previewed in great feature items, if people are inclined to cover such events. Suggestions welcome.

-Letters to the editor about our past issues. 300 words. Try to keep them clean.

-The Monthly List. Please submit anything you think you be on our monthly list

of top five great things going on. Is it a newly released CD, a new artist fellow fans might not have heard of, a great bar in your area that really supports live music, the best festival you’ve been to in ages, or just something you think people need to know about.

-SUGGESTIONS. And lots of them. Tell us what you want to read about. What's been working, and what hasn't.

Some new features like:

-Regional beats. Whether you live in Nanaimo, Canmore, Truro, Fredericton, or anywhere in the middle, Scene & Heard wants to know what's going on. If you think you've got your finger on the pulse let us know.

-Campus contacts. The live music scene at our universities and colleges is very different from city to city. Scene & Heard wants to know what's going on across the country.

-PICTURES! If you took it this summer, we want it. Drop an email with jpegs, so we can get an idea of what you've got. Please include location, show, date, and any applicable names.

-In the Taper’s Section. After spending a killer weekend at Evolve near the soundboard, Scene & Heard really realized the amount of dedication and near-sobriety it takes to tape a show. If you tend you spend your shows in the taper section, Scene & Heard would love to include it. We're expecting your point of view in review or column form. Please include how many shows you tape on average, how you started, and why you do it.

-From the bands. Usually as fans, we tend to take the lead. But really, if it wasn't for the bands we'd all just be sitting at home playing Yahtzee or something. If, as a collective band or single member, you have something to say to readers and show-goers, Scene & Heard is excited to get your message out. Managers are also welcome to drop us a line. Send us columns or concerns no longer than 1500 words.

Thanks for the interest,

Scene & Heard


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