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friday the 13th in Port Dover


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Now I KNOW what your thinking - Fri.13th in Dover is a biker bash! BUT- its also one hell of a party with a lot of good music...and its not just for bikers anymore; i think last year they got about 20,000 bikers and another 20,000 other folk who just came for the spectacle and the party... Anyway Marc Wilson Band will be at the Norfolk for a matinee and an evening performance, and the Shoeshine Boys (killer party blues band) are headlining at the beach stage. So if you've never been to Dover on a Friday the 13th, I definately reccomend this party!

and if you arn't to partied out on saturday, why not check out Diesel Dog at the Circus Room in Kitchener on the 14th?

(shameless...no shame...)

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