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Stll up...you??...what a show @ Higher Ground


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...man,The Recipe's new lineup is CRAZY good. The Ibanez gets such beautiful play from the guitarist,nice jazz chords. Check these guys out in the Northeast or NO. Ohio,Mich. area for you SO.ONTs...

.I missed Gordon Stone due to the border lineup which kicked my ass!! The Blotter was dusty but the liquid was clean...I think I put a girl into a REAL weird place,she loved it,but damn,I aints no stud but go away Im chasing butterflies here....I dont need new friends:)....

My buddy gave me his extra SHNS OF SCI 7-19/29-02 RCMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!Who wants a copy?

I will vine it and put it on another post here...hope to sleep soon!


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