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Back in the USSR

zimmerman pt3

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what's up y'all?

remember me? I used to be Zimmerman from Toronto, then Zimmerman pt 2 from England. Now I'm pt 3 while I'm here in Moscow. For the last 5 months I was working for the Red Cross way out on the north east tip of Russia in a poverty stricken province called Chukotka (it's just across the Bering Straight from Alaska). It was quite the trip to say the least!!! I faced some depressing shit and I never drank so much vodka or ate so much fish/potato and butter in my life (don't recommend it). I was doing all sorts of stuff, but the most morally rewarding thing was working with kids in this day camp we organized. Being out there was probably the headiest stuff I've done since Phish NYE '97 run at MSG.

If there's one tip of advice I can share is for you not to take your freedom for granted!!! Cherish it and use it to its fullest. Be grateful you're in Canada where there's ample supply of toilet paper in the shops, nugs on the corner, and jams for your listening pleasure. Good god what I'd do to throw down at the Comfort Zone right now (you have no idea how bad Russian Rock is). Doesn't matter who's playing, as long as there's a beat and Cosmic Steve giving me a HIGH 5.

Anyhow, I'm here in Moscow until October, then I go to England (and catch MMW, yafuckinghoo) and then shortly be back in Tdot.

So, what did I miss? One day I'm off to Russia, the next day Parliament is thinking about legalizing the Sweet Smoke. What were some summer highlights, and lowlights.

There's actually one favor I ask. NOw that I have some cash to blow, I really need a laptop with an external burner. Could someone who is well versed in computer terminology, give me the low down on what kind of hard ware, speed/memory requirements I should be looking for in order to download and burn phatty shows (and watch dvd's etc... fuck, I'm so out of it, for the last 5 months I've been living in a trailor, fishing for food, picking berries in the tundra and doging dogs without leashes...

glad to be back in civilization!

so I heard that Star Wars blew...what a pity

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