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NFL picks -- week 2 -- HELP?!?!


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Look at what I have to deal with today..........

Jay Fiedler, pro-bowl

Cant you see it now?

nope, I still cant.

And dont even bring up Rickey Williams. One game against the Lions means NOTHING and the 'Fins have a very questionable O'line.

As far as stupid questions are concerned. Yup, that was a dumb one. Anyone who has heard anything about Evolve knows that.

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Some NFL notes for the week:

Tenn should beat Dallas but The Freak is out so be careful.

St Louis will probably beat NYG however Defensive cord. have figured out that to beat STL you gotta make'em bleed. Strahan can make you bleed.

Take the Browns. Dillon has probably developed a substance abuse problem with his new found fame and it's all they have.

Brutal Week! Good luck....

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The Rams are my fall back pick as well as Cleveland (but I would take the Rams before the Browns)

after that, I dont have a clue.........

San Diego is favoured by 13

The Rams are favoured by 12 and a half

The talk in the NFL seems to be that coaches may have learned how to play the Rams receivers thanks to Bil Belichuk's marvelous coaching in the Super Bowl. Of course, it is only the 2nd week, which is always hard to choose because we havent gotten a good feel for the teams yet.


Leave me alone. I am getting stressed out.

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