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Question of 2002.09.12


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This is primarily directed at the Sancutarians who are musicians:

What music do you use/like to play along with? I'm thinking about those instances when the "Play, now!" klaxon in your head goes off, and you're all by yourself, so you reach for a CD and start playing along with it.

For me, as a guitarist, it's obviously guitar-based music:

  • Jeff Beck / Blow By Blow
  • Cream / Strange Brew (Best Of Cream)
  • Frank Zappa / Shup Up 'n' Play Yer Guitar (any of the discs)
  • Led Zeppelin / Presence*
  • Phish / Story Of The Ghost

I'll probably think of a few others as time goes on, but that's a start.



* I had this on last night, after having not played for a few days. Playing along to "Achilles Last Stand" took me to another zone, completely, and re-affirmed my confidence as a guitar player.

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Some of these are styles, somne are artists.

. Love to Play along with funk.

. love to play along with Jazz. When a good Jazz tune that I know comes on, I love to run to my piano and play along with it.

. Old piano boogie rock - ala Jerry Lee Lewis, Little richard

. Deep purple


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Anything to which I muse: "Hey, can I hit that note?" Kate Bush, Goo Goo Dolls, A.A Milne, Pink Floyd, I don't much care, although I usually prefer male vocals [low-ish voice, me, although DF can tell you that I'm in Kate Bush's range as well, if not attractively]. It's a learning experience.

(Usually I learn, "Don't try to sing that in public.")

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I sing along to EVERYTHING.

*Showtunes, opera and Gershwin are favs to excercise the ol' vocal chords.

* I love improvising over jazz and funk, not singing along with, but singing over them. Same with instrumental jams - I use my voice like a guitar soloist would, just fill in the spaces with melodies. I hardly ever sing actual words when I do this.

*Commercials, squeeky shopping cart wheels, the rythym of walking up stairs, the noisy AC in my office....if it's got a beat, I sing to it. [big Grin]

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haha! GM that post made me think of the movie American Psycho, and I'm not sure why exactly???

"Do you like Phil Collins? I've been a big Genesis fan ever since the release of their 1980 album, Duke. Before that, I really didn't understand any of their work. Too artsy, too intellectual. It was on Duke where, uh, Phil Collins' presence became more apparent. I think Invisible Touch was the group's undisputed masterpiece. It's an epic meditation on intangibility. At the same time, it deepens and enriches the meaning of the preceding three albums. Christy, take off your robe. Listen to the brilliant ensemble playing of Banks, Collins and Rutherford. You can practically hear every nuance of every instrument. Sabrina, remove your dress. In terms of lyrical craftsmanship, the sheer songwriting, this album hits a new peak of professionalism. Sabrina, why don't you, uh, dance a little. Take the lyrics to Land of Confusion. In this song, Phil Collins addresses the problems of abusive political authority. In Too Deep is the most moving pop song of the 1980s, about monogamy and commitment. The song is extremely uplifting. Their lyrics are as positive and affirmative as, uh, anything I've heard in rock. Christy, get down on your knees so Sabrina can see your ass. Phil Collins' solo career seems to be more commercial and therefore more satisfying, in a narrower way. Especially songs like In the Air Tonight and, uh, Against All Odds. Sabrina, don't just stare at it, eat it. But I also think Phil Collins works best within the confines of the group, than as a solo artist, and I stress the word artist. This is Sussudio, a great, great song, a personal favorite."

I when I first picked up the guitar, i used to love to try to play along with Nirvana, ABB, The Toadies, Cream...

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I really like singing along with old King Crimson 'cus I have the same vocal range as Greg Lake, and I really like singing along with new King Crimson 'cus Adrian Belew is just friggin' brilliant!

Talk, it's only talk

babble, burble, banter

bicker bicker bicker

brouhaha, balderdash, ballyhoo

it's only talk

Come ON, how much fun is that to sing? [smile]


Mr. M.

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Any MMW album, but my favourite to play along with is Shackman. Billy Martin was my inspiration to play drumkit. I love to play along and try to mimic his style. Oh yeah, and tragically hip because its all steady rock beats and i can just go nuts over top of them.

On a side note - Brad i like how you put the date on the title of the thread. Keeps things simple. thanks.

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