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Treyter inspiration: have you ever met Phish?


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Never met anyone from Phish.

But, I met the guy who played the piano in the movie band the Commitments.

He was living in new york city at the time and was plastered. He had a major attitude and swore every 2nd word.

The Drummer from Helix.

Nuno, the guitar player from extreme.

Alanis (when she was like 15 and she was at one of my shows. She asked me for an autograph. I said, only if I can have yours...)

uhh.... that's all. Pretty boring shit.

Oh, and I once met Mr. Dressup. And PokaRoo. Seperate times.

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alright--i'll go on about that party a bit more:

ok, so we're backstage and Fish is hitting on my girl as usual [smile] which is fine in retrospect...I didn't care at the time that much...we were all very high and drunk and in party mode (the girl and i had only been together since the start of tour as well, so nothing was really solid there yet anyways)

We were going backstage every show, and meeting lots of cool people (most of those people really know how to party).

So on CK5's birthday, we had all taken alot of acid...alot. Actually it wasn't that much, but it was extremely potent liquid. We lost our shit at the show, and did the backstage thing, had a couple free cold ones (the best part about going backstage really) So we suffered through Jon having to deal with a few jackasses that were completely star-struck--i remember this one guy askign him what type of cereal he eats in the morning??? what the...? weird. it's weird sometimes because people just stand and stare at him and don't even listen to what he says (which is a shame because the fucking guy is hilarious most of the time)

So jon invites us all back to the 4-seasons to celebrate. Shortly thereafter we arrive,a nd head on up to the party suite that they had got just for the birthday party....big suite with a few rooms...we walk in, and there's large bowls of coca on the tables---overflowing actually. it was nuts...i was shocked. i was not expecting that, but hey!!! FREE COKE!!!

Bathroom was filled with a million kinds of beer. pipes and joints were being passed around like crazy, and everyone was mingling and such.

Swaggy, a friend of ours who came with, had a bunch of opium, and he and i hit into that pretty hard, and managed to pass it around to lots of pholks who enjoyed it. i'm not sure if Page did, but he might've...this was the first time I ever met Page. He's never backstage. Nor is Trey really...just Mike and Jon. Mike alaways seemed a little odd, and pretty difficult to talk to, not like jon who looks exactly like he is. Mike would come into the party, grab a girl, leave for an hour and come back in a new set of threads. grab another girl....and so on.

I spoke with Topher for quite some time, and with his fiance as well...she's a total bitch! I vuagely remember bumming a smoke from her and getting daggers shooting out of her eyes at me as she handed one over....chris looked at me with a like "sorry dude" look on his face. i did the same back.

Swag wtook off downstairs to play the piano for Page, and a few of us followed (trey, jon, jj, some girls we knew, and others)...this was a total thrill for Swaggy, and he did pretty damn good i thought---jon made a wisecrack abotu beign in the same key for so long, but Swag was on top of the world! everyone clapped when he finished after about 10 minutes!

so we went back upstairs, and hit the party again, most of the people had gone to one of the other rooms where the yayo had been relocated to. i decided to relax and smoke some pot. Swag page and i shared a bomber, and we heard the trey line and laughed....trey left soon after [Wink]

i spoke with trey for like 5 minutes that night, but i have no idea what was said...it was a few of us talking about the lightning storm at Polaris a coupla shows ago...or the night before (i think this was at deer creek the topher b-day show) i dunno....tour is always a blur for me.

what else...hmmm...yeah ended up driving back to the campsite at around 9am or so...grabbed some stuff, and headed to the holiday in and drank beer all day in the pool.

so that's the full kuroda night story.

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I've met tons of rockstars, but the funniest encounter was the lamest band.. i wanted to get SMASHMOUTH autographs for my little brother.. so i got thru backstage, went outside, and knocked on their tourbus door (it was easy, cause everyone believed i was the singers brother), and met the guys; they were nice, signed a thing for my brother, got him drumsticks, a laminate.. and then they asked me if i could hook them all up with blow. it was the most surreal thing, giving him my phone number... we ended up doing other drugs at a club that night, so I'm not sure if they called.. but it was a pretty funny encounter. My little brother was impressed with the souvenirs too.

2nd funniest was Les Claypool.. he chatted with us for a bit and dissapeared into his dressing room, then when we were walking away, he popped out of his dressing room and said "hasta la pasta" with his hang ten thumb and pinky thing. that made my night.

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The answer: yes. The summer: 2000.

I was living in Grand Bend for the summer. My friend had a couple of girls down from Toronto for July 1st weekend. We partied together the whole weekend and finally at the end of the weekend I say to this girl Angie, hey I'm going to be in T.O. this week for a concert. She says who. I say Phish. She says shut up. I say why? SHE SAYS: I run this bar called the Mad Bar and Phish partied there last year, and is coming again the night before the show this year. Do you want on the guest list?

I said no of course.

Yeah right. So me and one friend were on the list. So we show up that night and sure enough there's a list but no Scott King. Finally, we figured out it was just Scottie. Hilarious. Anyway, after about 10:30, Mike and Page show up. Now they had a area for the band but you could see in it and all, it was just curtained off on one side. But they didn't stay in there for long. I talked to Mike beside the sushi bar with the clever "So did you eat alot of that in Japan" opener. He's not talkative though and so it was a short one. However, Angie had said if I saw her and one of the band to point them out as she didn't remember what they looked like. So I grabbed Angie and went over to Page being introduced as "the guy she hired to point out the band" I stayed and had a Heinken with Page for about five minutes. Two things really struck. A) I thought he was 6 ft plus (he's not. They're all short) B) The voice was the same as all the "Thanks for coming out" I'd ever heard on tapes. Anyway, good conv. about T.O., Molson Amp, and especially Big Cypress. After awhile he just excused himself.

Fish and Trey would show up about 1:30am. Fish was instantly surrounded by chicks so a quick hello, have a good show for him. Trey was the untouchable. In the band area, back to the kitchen (wink, wink) etc. So at about 4:00 the band started to bail. I thought oh well 3 out of four (I'd actually met Fish at a JMP show at the Opera House) and left. We step outside and no shit, Trey is standing right there just walking away from some people. So we say hi, shake hands, and he says "You want me to sign somethin'" We had nothing so we said no, just have fun in T.O. and a good show. He started away towards an SUV with some chicks but just as he walked away he spun on his heals and said with a huge grin "Sure you don't want me to sign something?" pushed his glasses up, laughed and walked away. Needless to say, when he gushed about T.O. at the end of the next show, I was sure he had been treated very well.

The end.

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Here's one. Hood, the love of his life, his cousin, a friend and I are in a bar in Greenwich village, 2nd night of the new years run '98. I notice Trey standing right behind me and

I say: "Hood, Holy shit, thats Trey standing right behind me"

Hood looks right behind me and says "Where"

I say: "Right behind me"

Hood looks again, sees Trey and shakes his hand as he is leaving the bar.

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now that's a fucking SIGNATURE!!! [big Grin]

touche Graham Pearson touche

you forgot Dougie right after i shook Trey's hand and told him that i really loved his music:

"THANKYOU! THANKYOU!! THANKYOU!!! THANKYOU!!!! THANKYOU!!!!!" while shaking his hand with 2 of his own [smile]

i think that's when trey started making his move for the other side of the bar [Wink]

graham didn't shake his hand or say shit because he was too busy checking Trey's ass out up close for the first time [Razz] or something like that...

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i use to have a problem with being mean to musicians famous or not - i had a few experiences with musician egos early on and subconsiously i decided they needed to be taken down a peg or 3 unfortunately i couldnt help it. and y'know, the more people around were fawning over them the nastier i got.

so usually i dont speak to anyone just coming off stage cuz i dont want to deal with the ego or look like im someone who gives a shit about them ha ha --.i'm still working on that [Wink]

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where's the whackamole when you need him---he's got TONS of stories [smile]

I met Trey on his birthday in Vegas in the casino at a BJack table...he was toasted as usual. it was like 4am and Blair Pearson and i had been partying like savages, and gambling with reckless abandon.

I made $425 USD in about an hour and a half while WASTED on everything--picture me in a red bandana, with a phish -t and shorts leaning on the table to hold myself up because i took my millionth e that night at 2 am...the drunk dot-commers at my table were waging $50 to $400 bets, and i was the anchor and out of my head! needless to say i won that $425 on $25 bets, and these drunk american asswipes had the nuts to be making fun of my accent, and canada pretty much the whole time...i gave it back to them pretty good a few times though [Wink] it wa fun

so blair comes up to me and says "dude--trey's playing cards over there!" i gather all my wealth and head on over with Blair, and we try to sit down...not a chance...some fat hippy slides in just before us. oh well...we watch trey play. he's a hammer. not paying attention at ALL....he's only playing $25 hands and probably had the shit comped anyways.

suddenly a big security guy comes over and says "mr. anastasio, you're needed upstairs"

trey's like "huh?" gets up, so i go for it, and give him a shot in the arm and say "trey", he turns, looks me right in the eye, arm extended to shake my hand. i grabbed it, and said "dude, you take care of yourself ok bud?" sincerely (this was just after he told us they were going on hiatus) he looked me in the eye sincerely and said "thanks man, i will." [Cool]

then he walked off, probably to his suite upstairs where 6 pro's awaited.

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