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Anyone up for the Fall Shaker in St Andrews??

Northern Wish

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Hey guys,

Here is the itinerary:

I am going to leave SJNB right freakin now.....

I should be in Hamilton to pick up Shainhouse around 6 am, I'll head right our to tungstens in KW for an 8am coffee and british bong- then we'll all swing up to Otown to grad Alan.

I figure by that time, I'll be hitting my third wind and we can head along the river and through the hills (watch the moose!)- and on to home.

That'll put us in Saint John around 4:20am, we can sleep for 8 hours, and then head to St. Andrews.

Sound good?

Oh yeah, you guys can get a lift home right?




ps. Funny guys thanks.......

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Hey Tungsten,

I know you're from The Sound, but do you thinkyou an handle the Camino? I'm it's as three-tone skid-licious brown as they come!



p.s. Northern Wish, I'll be in London, so before you head to KW you can swing by and get me too, then maybe onto Woodstock for Craig. If you're going, you should just go all out, right!

have a great weekend.


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