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Tungsten Gruvsten

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Ok; I'm finally leaving Kitchener after toooooo many years here....that's right packing up and moving across Canada...to...Guelph.

Anyhoo, One last big hurrah at 27 Wilhelm St-once the home of the Glurt sticker factory, Le Boratory Studios and host to many nights of drunken debauchery...I remember some parties with crowd surfing, indoor mini-golf, fireworks, police, things breaking left and right and the twirling lights that flash when i close my eyes and am I upstairs now who are all these people I hope this is my beer......well you get my drift.

So Friday Sept 27th there will be a pre and post party here for the Nero/Jomomma show.

Come one come all, anytime after 6pm is great. No extra beds unfortunately but tons of floor space-yer welcome to stay.

Phone me if you need any details:


I'll figure out an easy way to get you directions to my place when needed....



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Thanks for the great offer, Eric ... that is going to be one great night of music and partying.

Here are the show details:

Friday Sept. 27

Jomomma & nero

seamless sets

at the University of Waterloo (at a cool on-campus venue called The Bombshelter)

starting at 10 p.m.

You don't need to be a U of W student to get in - just bring your photo id and sign yourself in

$4 for U of W students / $6 for the rest of us

with a pre and post show party in Kitchener courtesy of Tungsten Gruvsten ......

I don't want to speak for Eric in response to the question "What's in Guelph?" ... but I know that a beautiful woman lives there [big Grin]

Hope to see a bunch of you on Friday Sept. 27!

FYI, for those of you considering coming from out of town, nero is playing in Guelph the next night (Saturday), and Jomomma is playing in London.

Peace, Mark

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Fuzzydude is right ... it is not a seamless sets show after all. That was the plan a while ago, but the plan has changed.

Sorry for any confusion ... it is still going to be a wickedly wonderful show!!!

Party at Tungsten's starting at 6 p.m., doors at 8 p.m., show starts at 10 p.m. with nero opening, after-party back at Tungsten's.

See you on Friday!

Peace, Mark

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For those of you driving to the University of Waterloo show, there is parking really close to the Bombshelter. Look for St. Jerome's

collage, which is off of Westmount.

For anyone at Tungsten's before the show, we'll probably be cabbing it to the show, unless anyone wants to be the DD.

See you tomorrow night!

Peace, Mark

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