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One final NYE good luck wish


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Okay - T minus 65 minutes. Let me wish you all luck one last time. If you want to be at this show as much as I do you must be going as crazy as I am right now.

If karma was worth anything we would all be at this show.

Good luck, and I hope to hear MANY happy posts at around 10:15-10:30AM.


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i started off happy. I got the ticket request screen. It used to be nice to even see that screen.

But clicking on "look for tickets" is where it all falls apart.

"Busy. Currently too many users are trying to process transactions. (253) "

Who in the hell DOESN't get that message?

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10:19 am. from ticketmaster.com

Tickets are currently not available online. Why?

Tickets may not be on sale yet.

Tickets may simply not be available at this time. More tickets may become available later.

Tickets may not be available online just hours before an event occurs.

On rare occasions, tickets may only be available at ticket outlets or the box office.

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I just keep getting different errors.

- expired pages

- "we don't have the inventory to fullfill your request"

- "unable to fullfill your request"

- something else about not being able to get me tix

- "cannot find server"

"We are unable to fulfill your specific request. We may not have the type of tickets you requested or the number of seats together that you are looking for.

If you are unable to find tickets, be sure to check back often. As the date of the event nears, many times a limited number of tickets may be released.


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I nearly had a heart attack. I got the ticket and got as far as the "click to confirm" part and it kept going to an error screen when I clicked it. And then it would say "press back and confirm again within 10 seconds to secure your ticket". I must have done it 75 times before it worked.

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Yeah Blane.

That crap happened to me trying to get tix for Phil and SCI's tour a summer ago. I pretty much front row center, and after filling everything out and hitting the final confirm button, I kept getting ERRORS!

In my case, it NEVER worked and it finally said that the 5 min holding period had elapsed and my tix were released.

I was pretty pissed off. After that, there were only much crappier tix available. I emailed SCI and their ticketing manager actually looked at the logs and saw my issue and was able to get me better seats than what ticketmaster had eventually alotted. But they werent' up front *grrrr* like I had been teased with.

I'm still clicking here. I can't stop.

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Originally posted by treyter:

Oh well...there's always tomorrow right?

Tomorrow? What's special about tomorrow? I mean, I don't have anything on the schedule... [Wink]

Me, I'm planning on sleeping late, maybe until noon. I doubt I'll be on the 'puter at all on Saturday. [big Grin]


Brad, Basking In Tawdry Bits Of Randomly-Assigned Glory

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